Black Mass - Extract


Bryony Hutchinson was trapped, the three boys closely crowding around her. Well, she could have gotten away if she really wanted to, she knew that, but chose not to even try.

It was Thursday, June 16th, she back in the classroom at Digby County Junior & Senior High. Having graduated, June 4th, she was not due to start her job as an office junior at the Farmers Cooperative grain silo until the twenty-seventh. Therefore, as required, she had returned to attend this week for what was amusingly called the Community Vacation Bible School.

“Hey, Bry, baby, you’re such a freakin’ tease,” Aarron Wolfskin softly oozed, the tip of his tongue flicking against the shell of her right ear.

Guessing what was going to happen, that he was playing some sort of game, Bryony riposted, “Oh yeah, I’ve never heard myself called that before. I always thought I was considered an easy lay.”

Crotch hard against her right butt-cheek, Aarron’s right palm was currently slipping under the front of her short red-plaid shirt. His other arm coiled under her left armpit, hand pressing over her adjacent tank-top-covered breast.

Aarron’s cousin, Wilbur Penfold, was pressing against her left thigh, attempting to slobber kisses to the side of her face. His right hand was behind her back, trying to unhook the fastener on her bra. Meanwhile, his other set of fingers were pulling her red-cotton top upwards.

Sampson Scarman was between her and the back wall of the classroom, hands jerking with the belt of her skirt, clearly intent on getting it off her, he slimily saying, “Let’s get ya naked, Ho.”

Ya do want us to fuck ya, don’t ya, white girl,” Aarron said, in the way of a statement.

Class had broken up for the day at noon and somehow she had been left in the room with the three African-American youths. As her boyfriend, Gregg Gifford, was away, driving his semi-trailer somewhere toward St Louis, she craved a fuck. But, she had expected they might wait until they met up that coming evening, so she replied, “What der yer think?”

Aarron’s finger worked under the gusset of her tiny panties, caressing at her labia, and playing with her clitoris, it swiftly hardening and pulsing tingling sensations into her.

“You do want black meat inside ya, don’t ya, Ho,” Sampson stated, allowing her skirt to drop to her ankles. His right hand started to caress her left butt-cheek, whilst his other fingers attempted to pull her panties down.

To assist him to get them off, she eased her thighs closer together.

Having succeeded in rolling her top up to her neck, Aarron pulled her bra cups down to reveal her thirty-four Ds, whilst sighing his appreciation, “Oh fuck, you’ve got nice titties, white girl. Ya really have.”

“You’ve felt them often enough to know that they’re not just nice, they’re awesome. And yer know as well as I do; my mother made a pact with Satan, to ensure that I was perfectly formed to be a creature of wanton sin,” she replied, slightly amused at the game the three boys were playing again.