Chapter 1 - Desires


Red brocade cushions with gold embroidery on them festooned the bed and the bedcover; a four poster bed, with silk drapes in a soft red. To one side was a wardrobe, old fashioned, but it suited the décor of the room. On the opposite side of the room was a chest of drawers, again in an old fashioned style, bulky and ornate, two bed side chairs stood in the corner, and before me stood a female.

Sexy, was not the word I would use to describe her, she was far more than just plain sexy. She wore a knee length skirt, white blouse and stockings. I felt the suspenders when she sat on my knee earlier, so I knew they were stockings. They were a big turn on for me and what a figure, a nice full bust, proud and firm, held in the white bra, the outline of which showed under the soft shimmering blouse.

Her face was angelic, deep blue eyes that sparkled, full, deep, red lips, soft and very inviting. An aquiline nose and high cheek bones, soft, blonde, sensuous, curls framed the face and her smile just melted my heart.

She came closer to me and took me in her arms, pulled me to her and kissed me with those delicious lips. Her tongue played with my lips and then probed my mouth so, so sexily. I returned the kiss and probed her mouth with my tongue. As we toyed with each other, I felt my dick reacting to her advances.

I put my hand to the buttons on her blouse and began to undo them, allowing my hand to linger on the ones near her sumptuous breasts. She moaned and pulled me in tighter, pushing her now erect nipples into my chest. I pushed her away and began to strip, she smiled and stood there just watching as I stripped off. Naked, she pulled me back into her and I continued to remove her blouse. She helped me and then her skirt was falling onto the floor around her ankles, she stepped out of it. I was in heaven as I held her close, the feel of her underwear against my naked skin was invigorating. I could contain myself no longer and released her breasts from their entrapment, fondled one of them, bending down to suck and toy with her nipple, to which she threw her head back as her excitement grew.

She took my cock in her hand and began to massage it. I took the hint and slipped my hand inside her panties and felt at her shaven clit, massaging it whilst she massaged my cock. I pulled my hand back and it lowered her panties, then I put my thumbs in the sides and pushed them down so that I could gain access to her clit, unhindered by her clothes. A finger slipped easily just inside her lubricated clit, I played with her inner lips and felt for her ‘G’ spot in the outer sanctum.

She moaned as her arousal grew and grew, we made our way to the all-enveloping bed and its cushions, still held in each other’s arms tight and warm. She lay on the bed and I smiled at her as I climbed on beside her and lay down, my hand on her breast, squeezing and massaging it. I pinched her nipple and she moaned louder.

 I moved down the bed and lay between her legs, putting my lips next to her clit lips and licked the area, pushing my tongue inside and then out again as she squirmed in delight to my attentions. I put my thumb on the top of her clit and rubbed it as I pushed my tongue inside her nice and deep. She stiffened her legs as I entered her, enjoying the feel of my tongue deep inside her. She moved and turned around so that she could enjoy my cock as much as I was enjoying her clit. I became hard and throbbing and she dripped with juices which I was drinking greedily.

She moved again and rolled me over so that she was sat on my lap. She looked down on me and smiled, took hold of my cock and raised up, she moved an inch forward and aimed my cock and then lowered her clit down. I now moaned as she slipped my cock into her vagina in a long, slow stroke. She enveloped me slowly and very satisfyingly until she was sat on my groin, smiling as she felt it pulsating inside her vagina.

She began to rise nice and slow, feeling my cock as it left her cunt and then before it was out, she lowered her vagina down, sighing as it slipped easily into the well-oiled heaven that was her vagina. Then up again, long and slow, enjoying the feel as it slid out and then back in again, long and slow, exhaling as she slipped it back inside. Up and down she slipped me, in and out in long, slow strokes and then she began to move faster and faster, ramming me in now hard and fast. She was good, she was smiling, enjoying my cock as she rammed it in. Our thighs were slapping as she crashed down on them. And then she seemed to stop for half a second, she faltered, I felt a squeeze and she threw her head back, sighed, then began again ramming me into her.

She faltered again and as she rammed me in deep and hard, I gave her my load, captured uselessly in the condom she had put on me and she came to rest, sighed and then lay on top of me and hugged me to her. She gave me a kiss, sat up again and slapped my side playfully and then got off me.

“You know you’re a bastard, there I was on the verge of a third orgasm and you fucking well came,” she told me.

“Felt short changed, did you? You’re lucky, I only had one and you had two. You have no room to complain,” I said, and laughed with her.

Ok, five hundred for the night was what she had charged me, but I can tell you she was well worth it. We had sex again during the night and again in the morning before she smiled at me and said that it was time for me to go.

“Can I see you again?” I asked her.

“Of course you can, you lovely, lovely person, with a dick like that, you are always welcome,” she said and kissed me hard on the lips.

She opened the door for me and I left her. What a night! Every time we had sex I gave her two orgasms and the feel as her warm, moist cunt slipped over my dick was excellent. Her lips were great and her tongue, but that warm moist encasement of my dick was out of this world. The setting must have played a part, it was so erotic in her bedroom, but when she began to lift and fall in that slow movement, I was in heaven.