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“She most definitely is a splendid creature and I can imagine how talented she is. She’s already lost that, what’s the word, that ‘innocence’ that she might have had before you got your hands on her old chap. And yet there is enough of it left, enough of it in reserve to please the more discerning.” I can’t say I was a fan of this old man. The way he spoke about me as though I wasn’t there. He was giving me compliments but giving me them through Daddy. Maybe that was the way it was supposed to be. Maybe that was the way it had to be. I didn’t know. His eyes very rarely came to mine. When they did I ensured I was smiling sweetly and then as I did my little ‘twirl’ for him, I did that thing where I held my hands up higher, elbows bent slightly, like I was that doll on the plinth again. And I shuffled my stiletto’d feet round and completed the full 360. I had this feeling about this old man though. And that feeling was a correct one. By that I mean I was not mistaken about that feeling. It wasn’t a good one.

“You’re right of course - there will always be just that little bit of innocence left in her.” And so, the two sets of eyes were on me. It was like I was being assaulted from all directions. The old man working from my arched feet up over my nylon sheathed legs, and then Daddy working down from my slut-lips that were parted, just parted like I had been taught, and then down over the breasts bulging in my shirt, and resting on the nipples, thick, erect and poking through the thinness of the shirt - and just staying right there. And the throb of my nipples, just as always, emphasised with the feeling of his eyes like that. “I’m wondering though old chap, whether there will be a slip of that ‘innocence’ and sweetness when the chips are down.” I knew what he meant. Daddy had prepared me for a comment like that when he had asked about how I would feel and how I would act after being caned.

That was what this old man was on about - would I still be the perfect slut, the best slut I could be, if he was doing something terrible to me? I had worked that out. I was able to work that out with ease along with the fact, and the knowledge that this old man wouldn’t have been capable of much sexually because he was passed that in age terms. At least that was what I thought. That was what I had judged. But the other stuff, the punishment and the pain stuff, and wanting or needing to inflict that on a slut, wouldn’t leave him. That desire wouldn’t leave him and that was what he was on about. That was something that had probably been with him all his life and wouldn’t be leaving him, or would only leave him maybe with his dying breath.

“I mean we could try her out. Just a little tester old chap - why don’t we do that? Those weren’t the words that I had been expecting to hear next. And they weren't the words that I wanted to hear at all if I am honest. I didn’t know what the old man meant by trying me out, and just a little tester. There was another pause and I shifted my weight from one of my spiked heels to the other. It was weird, when I did that I could feel every single nuance of it. I could feel how I felt. I felt like a slut. I felt like those heels elevated me to a stance and a status that pleased men like Daddy and this old man. Maybe it was the guilt of looking like I looked that was hitting me. I could understand it if that was the case. I was aware of the splay of my long legs and the slight jut to one side of my hip. And yes of course I could feel those eyes. “I think that is a splendid idea my man. I don’t see a problem with you testing the water a little bit. And I know that you don’t have any objections, do you Little One?” And there was the OMG nano second that Daddy was directing a question at me. There was something about that that chilled me to the bone. I had to speak and for some reason that chilled me to the bone.

I understood now why there were so many pauses and why there was so many considered gaps between conversation pieces. It was the thing about getting the words right, getting the syntax right. I had to get over the shock for this time of being spoken directly to. It had been like I had been cut out, like I didn’t exist there except as a conversation piece and now I was having to think about the question and the words that I used next. “No Daddy, no I don’t have any objections. I want to be the best slut I can be for you and for Mummy.” And I smiled sweetly and did this little swivel of the hips side to side as though I was a little girl who had just been told she was being taken onto the world’s biggest roller coaster. In a way that was right. I was on a roller coaster, but I hadn’t been put on it just then, I had been put on it the time when Mummy and Daddy had taken me from that last foster home.

The old man made a sound like he was guffawing or something. To me it sounded like he thought all his Christmases had come at once. And then he sat down on a chair and there was that almost nightmare sound, and sight of him patting his lap as he looked directly at me. My heart didn’t exactly sink but it did miss a beat. This wasn’t a good time for me. If I could feel anything at this precise time it was that I was being passed round. That was the feeling I got and that was deeply embedded in me. That Daddy was passing me to this old man and god only knew a that precise point what he was going to do to me. I just smiled sweetly and at the same time I kept my slut lips apart because I knew that was what I had to do. In a way I had to rise above what my natural instinct was. And that was to get as far away from this old man as possible. I had to fight that with everything inside me. With Mummy and Daddy, it was different - I had to stay with them. But with this old man, it was like he was this old creep who I would never ever see I again. At least I hoped that would be the case. But I had to be exactly the same with him. I had to be the slut. The perfect slut. This was me in at the deep end. It felt like I was out of my depth that was for sure.