It was the next evening after dinner when the servant girls called for Elenora.  They led her through the halls to a part of the vast mansion she had never seen before.  They took her through a set of glass doors which were fogged inside with condensation, making it impossible to see what was behind them.

On the other side was a huge room, with a glass ceiling arching high overhead.  It was a bathhouse, the most magnificent one she had ever seen.  Occupying most of the great space was a marble bath the size of a competition swimming pool, wispy clouds swirling from the surface.  The bath and the deck surrounding it were clad in pink marble slabs and decorated with mosaics of semi-precious stones.  Scattered about the deck were comfortable-looking chairs and lounges grouped around tables.  Elenora was not surprised to see restraining devices and a rack holding the by now familiar assortment of whips, canes and crops. Relaxing on one of the lounges, wearing an expensive-looking silk bathrobe embroidered with a dragon, and smoking a cigar, was Caine.

“There you are, Elenora,” he said, with a puff of smoke.  “How do you like my bathroom?”

“It’s bigger than the city bath house in New Manchester,” she replied.  “It’s beautiful,” she added, looking upward and turning slowly around to gawk at the elaborate carvings and relief sculptures on the stone walls.

“If you like it now, you should see it during the day, with the sun shining through the ceiling,” Caine said, nodding.  He dismissed the servant girls, and went on, “I brought you here to try you out as my bath attendant.  I don’t suppose you have any objections?”

“Oh no, sir!” she responded hastily.  “I don’t really know what my duties will be, master, but I will certainly do my best to perform to your satisfaction,” she said earnestly.

“Don’t worry, my dear.  I will teach you myself.”  Caine smiled.  “First, we need to review.  What should you ask me for each time you serve me?”

She thought back to two days before, the last time she had attended him.  She placed her slender forefinger on her lips in an attempt to remember.  Caine waited patiently.

“Ah…, to be disciplined, master?” she replied uncertainly.

“Very good,” he replied.  He pointed.  “Over on that table you will find a round wooden paddle and a three-bladed whip.  Bring them to me.”

The girl immediately went to the table and returned with the items he had requested.  She stood obediently by the end of his chaise, holding the whip and paddle, and awaiting further instructions.

“Now you must ask for discipline,” Caine said.  “I can spank your sweet bottom with that paddle, or correct your lovely breasts with the whip.  Which one do you think would improve you the most: a tit-whipping, or a good, hard ass-paddling?”

Her mind shied away from making such a decision.  If he ordered her to do something, she had no choice, but how could she pick one torture over another?

“Well, what do you say, Elenora?” Caine urged.  “If you don’t choose one or the other, I will punish you severely and then you will still have to undergo the discipline.”

She thought quickly.  She remembered the horrible pain in her poor breasts when he whipped her there the last time, and said, “The paddle, master.  I choose the paddling.”

“And why, pray tell, did you make that choice?” he asked.

“Because I…” she hesitated, sensing that he might be unhappy with her e answer, but unable to withhold the truth (indeed, Elenora was incapable telling a lie, even if her life depended upon it) “…I think it might not hurt as much as the other.”

“But my dear,” Caine responded, smiling, the “pain is the whole point of discipline work.  It is the pain which provides the encouragement to improve your performance, don’t you see?”

She thought about it, and was obliged to agree. “Yes, I suppose that is so,” she said.

“Now, do I remember correctly that you said you wanted to be the very best servant possible?”  he asked again.

“Yes, master, I do,” she agreed again.

“So, then,” he continued relentlessly, “if you wish to be the best possible servant, you must ask for the most painful alternative, not the least.”

She again considered for a short time.  It did not seem right that she should have to ask for the harshest correction, but she could find no flaw in his reasoning.  “Yes, master, you are right,” she admitted reluctantly.

“Then what should you have asked for?” he demanded.

Caine was much too clever for the straightforward Elenora, and he had trapped her with his arguments.  She could think of nothing to say but, “I should have asked to have my… my breasts whipped.”

Caine nodded.  “That is correct.  As this is your first experience asking for discipline, I will not punish you for your mistake.”

She sighed in relief.

“In fact, I will reward you,” he continued.  “Since you asked for the paddling, I will give you that as soon as I have finished administering the tit-whipping.”

Elenora gasped at the unfairness of it.  “But how is that…?” she began weakly.

“But me no buts, my girl,” Caine said, cutting her short and rising from the lounge.  She could see his erection bulging beneath the thin material of his robe. He answered her unfinished question. “It is a reward because it will help you to become what you want to be, the perfect slave. Now it is time for you to beg for the correction you have chosen.” He finished.

Elenora began to cry.  How could he be so cruel to her?  What had she done to deserve this?

“Please master… (sniff, sniff), please discipline my (sniff) br... titties with this whip,” she said, extending the instrument to him.

“Kneel down there and hold them up for me the way Milla and the other one, whatshername… Susan… did the other day,” he ordered accepting the whip from her.  He stood over Elenora, savoring the sight of the beautiful slave presenting her incredible mounds to be beaten.

“I will give you fifteen strokes on your tits.  You will count them and thank me after each one,” he said sternly.  He lashed down at her, leaving livid crimson streaks across the smooth flesh of the upper slopes of Elenora’s superb breasts.

She screamed.  Ahh!  It hurts!  Please don’t …”

He struck again, crossing the marks he had made on her left breast with the first stroke, and scoring on her delicate right nipple.  “That’s zero, so far.  You failed to count or thank me,” he said, ignoring her piteous wail.

“Ahh!” she screamed. “One… thank you, master,” she managed to gasp out.

“That’s better,” he said. He raised his arm and struck again, and drawing three more burning stripes across the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen.

“Two!” she screamed.  “Oh, thank you, master,” Elenora sobbed.

So it went for the full fifteen strokes until, by the end, the tender flesh of her upper globes was virtually all angry red or purple, and trickles of blood oozed from a few places.  Elenora, still down on her knees, wept freely.

“Th-thank you… f… for disciplining me, master,” she stuttered.

“Was it painful, my dear?” Caine asked.

“Oh, master, yes, it was terribly painful,” she answered, looking up beseechingly.

“And what lesson have you learned about discipline?” he inquired.

“Th-that I must always ask for the most painful correction,” she said, hesitantly.

“Since you have absorbed that valuable lesson, we can put off the paddling for now,” he told her.  His erection was distracting him from the scheduled discipline.  As much as he enjoyed punishing this beautiful, innocent girl, the act of correcting her was exciting him too quickly.  He decided not to waste any more time with discipline and move on to other matters.

Elenora’s face brightened at this, and she smiled up at him gratefully through her tears.  “Oh thank you, master!  I’ll be extra good today, you’ll see,” she promised, so happy was she to avoid the second beating.

“I will instruct you on your duties as my attendant,” Caine said.  “Come over to the bath with me, and take my robe.”

Elenora followed him to the edge of the water, and slipped the silk robe from his shoulders.  He was nude beneath, and sported, she saw, a huge erection, which was pointing up at a forty-five degree angle.  Elenora’s eyes widened for a moment at the sight, and she drew in a quick breath.

“Come with me,” Caine said, extending a hand to her.  Together, they entered the water, descending a set of steps.  The water was pleasantly warm. At this end the water was shallow, and came up only to the middle of Elenora’s thighs.

Caine sat on the floor of the pool with his back against the wall, drawing Elenora down beside him.  “You will start by cleaning my entire body with your tongue.  Begin”

Elenora knelt in the water before her master and gently lifted his right foot up to her face.  She began to lick it, starting with the sole and then carefully laving each toe and the upper surface.  After she was finished with one foot, she moved on to the other, then began to run her tongue over his hairy legs, watching him from the corner of her eye to see how Caine liked what she was doing.  He appeared to be relaxing and enjoying the attention. His eyes were closed and his head rested against the smooth, curved marble of the edge.

But as she was working her way up the back of his left calf, he abruptly said, “You can skip the rest of that for now.  Come up here, and start licking my asshole.”  He turned to face the wall, and lifted his posterior so that his buttocks just broke the surface of the water.

Elenora shuddered, but moved her face close to her owner’s hindquarters and, taking a deep breath, gingerly extended her small pink tongue in the direction of Caine’s brown hole.  She found this order very difficult to follow, and her tongue hovered an inch away, frozen in place.

“Well,” he said, turning his head to look over his shoulder, “are you going to make me regret excusing you from that paddling?”

At this, Elenora set her jaw, closed her eyes, and leaned in to do the job.  Fortunately, her master was reasonably clean, and there was hardly any taste.  She ran her tongue around the outside of the hole several times.  She heard Caine sigh with pleasure.  She discovered that it was not too bad, as long as she did not think too much about what she was doing.  But then came the command she had been dreading:

“Inside, too,” he growled, “all the way in.”

Elenora did not pause even for a second, knowing that if she stopped to think what she was about to do, she probably would not be able to perform the task.

With one sudden movement, she forced the pointed tip of her tongue into his rectum.  Here there was a definite taste, although not strong one, of human waste.

“Pull my cheeks apart and go in deeper,” Caine ordered.

Elenora spread his buttocks and moved closer until her nose was flush against the valley between his bottom cheeks, then forced her tongue into him as far as it would go.  The taste was stronger here, and she nearly jerked her head back involuntarily, before she was able to control herself and continue to perform this repellant duty.  She wondered how long he wanted her to keep at this disgusting task. It was starting to get hard to breath.

After what seemed to her like a very long time, he sighed contentedly, and said, “You can stop now.  There’s nothing better than a good rim job from a soft-tongued young girl.”

He ordered her to go to a bar on the deck, and bring back a bottle of wine and two glasses on a tray.  The tray was made of some light wood so that it floated, and there were holders cut in the bottom to keep the glasses and the bottle from shifting

Caine opened the bottle and filled the glasses half way.

“Drink up,” he said.  “It will wash the taste out and, more importantly, your breath won’t smell like my ass.”  He raised his glass.

Elenora held the stem of wine goblet uncertainly.  “I’ve never drunk any alcohol,” she explained, in answer to his puzzled expression.  “My father didn’t believe in it.”

He laughed.  “No sex and no drinking.  What did your father believe in, I wonder?  Well, it doesn’t matter now. I am ordering you to drink that wine.”

Elenora raised the glass to her lips and took a sip, prepared for the worst.  Luckily, the wine was sweet, fruity and mild.  She smiled with pleasure, and quickly drained the glass. She felt a little light-headed afterwards, but the sensation was far from unpleasant.

Caine instructed her to place the tray up on the deck and to return to sit beside him in the water. “Come closer to me, my dear,” he told her.  “Put your arm around me and lick my face.”  As he spoke, he moved his hand down to her buttocks, then between her legs from behind.  When she felt his fingers stroking her nether lips, she paused her tonguing for a moment.

“No, don’t stop, girl,” Caine said, “unless you want me to kiss you with a whip.  Spread your legs.”  As she resumed, running her tongue over his cheek, his fingers invaded her pussy.

“Move closer to me,” he directed.  “I want to feel your nipples on my body.  Rub your tits on my chest.”  His voice had become lower and a somewhat thicker.

As she slowly rubbed her nipples over his chest, he continued to manually penetrate her pussy and tease her love button.

“I generally prefer to ass-fuck my slaves,” he confided, “but I do occasionally enjoy a nice young cunt, especially a virgin, from time to time.”

Elenora realized for the first time that Caine was going to take her maidenhead in a few moments.  She knew that the idea should have frightened her, but somehow it did not. Perhaps the glass of wine had banished her normal inhibitions, or it may have been the warm glow coming from between her legs, where her master’s fingers were fondling her so expertly.  She seemed to be floating on a soft cloud of pleasure, and felt much as she had the last time when Caine had made her masturbate.  She suddenly realized that Caine understood much more about her body’s responses than she did, and was far better at arousing her than she was herself.  She kissed him and murmured meaningless soft words in his ear.

“Get up on top of me, straddling me knees,” he ordered.

Elenora quickly scrambled into position, with her legs spread across his hips, and felt the thickness of his rigid organ press the outside of her pussy.

“Take my cock in your hand and put it in your cunt,” he said in a voice that sounded half-strangled with lust.

Elenora took the thick stalk of flesh in both of her small hands.  Was this monstrous object really inside my bottom? she wondered.  It was a little hard for her to believe, even though it had happened just two days before.  She raised her hips up a little higher, and moved the rubbery head of his cock to the opening.

“Put it in, bitch, now,” Caine demanded hoarsely.  “Put it in!”

She rubbed the head up and down against her labia a few times until the rosy lips pouted in welcome.

“I’m sorry, father, but I have no choice,” she apologized silently. She lowered herself slowly down on his penis, still gripping the shaft in her hands.  She gasped in surprise: it felt even bigger inside her than it did in her fingers.

“Now put your hands up behind your head, and keep them there,” Caine said harshly.

She complied, still kneeling over him, the first inches of his organ inside her.

Caine reached up and took a firm hold of both of Elenora’s nipples.  “Now ride it up and down,” he said. “Fuck me!”  He squeezed the already swollen and tender flesh of her nubs between forefingers and thumbs, digging in his nails until the girl screeched with pain.

Ignoring as well as she could the lancing pain coming from his mistreatment of her sore nipples, she obeyed, lowering herself on his meat-pole.  She felt a tearing sensation down inside, and then a sharp pain.  The pain was not too bad, certainly not as bad as when he had stretched her little hole, but it was persistent.

“Up and down, bitch,” Caine said.  He gave her nipples an extra twist, then began tugging them cruelly.  “Up and down, fuck me, up and down!” he repeated, pulling her poor nipples like a man possessed.

“Ahh!  Ohhh!  Master, not so hard, please, oww!  My nipples!” Elenora cried out as she bobbed up and down on his cock like a runaway carousel horse.  In spite of the pain in her nipples, in spite of the pain down inside her pussy (it was gradually fading, anyway), in spite of everything, the warm feeling, the wonderful sensation she had felt when he had made her play with herself, was growing with every stroke.  She had felt on the verge of something wonderful event, one which would have happened before, if he had not ordered her to stop touching herself.

Now though, the feeling was stronger, much stronger, and was building every second, with every thrust.  Elenora sighed, moaned and wiggled her hips sinuously when she discovered this increased the sensation.

“Oh master!” she screamed.  “Master, master, I… oooo!”  She began pumping on him furiously, exclaiming “Ah!  Ahhh!  Ahh!”  The orgasm burst like a star exploding in a supernova.  She had never imagined anything could feel so good.

Her excitement was having its effect on Caine as well.  He sat up and bellowed, “Ah!  What a great fuck!” as he came in her remarkably tight slot.  He continued to thrust his hips into her for another two minutes after he came.  Satisfied at last, he released Elenora’s suffering nipples, letting his arms drop down into the water.

The girl gradually slowed her gyrations, ending up with her legs wrapped around his waist, his slowly deflating cock still trapped inside her.  She leaned forward until her head rested on Caine’s shoulder.

“Thank you, master,” she whispered.  She wondered why her father, why anyone would think that such a wonderful act was a sin.  She kissed her owner’s ear gently as his head lolled back to rest against the wall, his neck too weak to hold it upright.

She whispered softy in his ear.  “Master?’

He grunted in reply.

She touched the tip of her pink tongue to the inside of his ear.  “Can we do it again?” she asked.