Chapter 1: House from Nowhere

The large house sat on the top of a cliff, the ocean beating against the rocks over two hundred feet below.  The rocky beach ran for miles in either direction, not fit for a boat to dock without being shredded on the rocks.  There was only a small clearing around the house where the forest hadn’t encroached upon it yet.  The clearing was unkempt, but nature was difficult to contain when it desired to swallow up everything around it.  A small path meandered around the house, large enough for two to walk abreast, but that was all.  The path continued into the heavily wooded forest to disappear into the distance, unable to determine if it ended or was too difficult to see in the dense brush.  It had no place for cars, not even Jeeps or trucks.  No place for a helicopter to land.  It was isolated.

The three-story house was neatly painted, in spite of the wind and salt air that tried to tarnish it.  The windows were clean as if they were washed that morning, not even the seagulls dare spot them.  There was a neatly carved sign that hung over the red double doors.  On it was carved, “Bed, Breakfast and B” as if the sign maker had forgotten the rest of it or he’d perished before he could carve the last word.  It was odd that no one over the years had asked what the last word was supposed to be.

The cold breeze blew all day and summer wasn’t much more hospitable than winter.  The winter would bring snow and ice.  The fireplaces inside would crackle with warmth and the smell of old perfume as the seasoned oak burned brightly.  The electric lights would flicker when the generators would strain, but the shed that held it away from the house smothered the constant hum that it gave off.

It was a bed and breakfast—eight rooms for visitors with the remaining rooms for the staff.  It had a large kitchen, but most chose to eat in the intimate sunroom where they had a view of the ocean.  There was always the smell of freshly baked food that wafted from the kitchen to drift throughout the house.  It was furnished in old-world charm fitting the house, but it had every modern convenience, yet many of them refused to function.  Internet, cell phones, even land line phones were too far away to find a connection.  Only a single shortwave radio connected it to the outside world, but it was used only in emergencies.  There were other rooms in the house, but they were never shown except by personal invitation.

It sounded like an ideal place for someone that wanted to escape from the stress of the modern world, but it had one drawback.  It had no advertising, no internet site and no reservations were taken.  The rooms were for visitors, not guests.  Only those that arrived unannounced were allowed in.  Yet, there was no word-of-mouth advertising, nor were any directions given.  Visitors had to have a deep-seated desire to visit in order to overcome all the obstacles.  The house only sought out the desperate.  Yet, there were always visitors, none were turned away.  What would inspire those to visit such a place?



Chapter 2: Visitors Jessica and Chris

It had been a difficult two years since Jessica and Chris married and moved to New Hampshire.  After college, they both got jobs in Portsmouth, but it was far from family and friends.  They both worked long hours, and by the time they got home, they were tired.  Their social life didn’t flourish in this small, historic seaport of twenty thousand people.  They were both from big cities, and except for during tourist season, the nightlife wasn’t much.

Jessica met Chris in her junior year, and they dated monogamously.  Chris popped the question when they were seniors, and they married a week after graduation.  Chris got an engineering job at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, and Jessica got a staff accountant position at Lonza Biologics.  They both loved their jobs, but it became their obsession.

Jessica was never very sexually active compared to her other friends in college.  She spent more time studying books than boys.  Chris proved to be compatible, never pushing her to have sex.  They didn’t have intercourse until they’d dated for six months.  Even after that, it was infrequent.  They both seemed to be content to hold each other.

Except for the brief flurry when they got married, their sex life turned to dull and mundane, but neither complained.  It was Chris that turned to the internet first, but he did it when Jessica was gone and only on his phone.  He never saved any websites or downloaded anything.  It was all instant gratification.  He found a new world out there that he never realized.

Jessica found his interest a month ago by accident.  He was in the shower, and his phone rang.  It was his mother, so she answered it.  They talked for a minute, and Jessica would have him call her back when he got out of the shower.  She was about to put the phone down, but she realized she might as well search for the recipe she wanted on the internet on his phone instead of finding hers.  She found what she was looking for and sent it to her phone, but as she was about to put it down, she forgot to check one thing on the recipe.  She went to the history to go back to the file when she saw it.  His history had a lot of bizarre websites, nothing she’d ever expect him to look at.  She heard the shower turn off, so she didn’t have much time, so she copied his history and sent it to her phone.  She put the phone down where she found it.

She didn’t look at it for a week.  She didn’t have the time or the privacy.  Finally, she had a night when Chris went to a meeting of the Naval Engineering Society.  She replaced her history with his.  She was much more proficient with electronics than Chris, especially when it came to phones and social websites.  He was excellent with engineering programs, but that was his passion.  He’d scrubbed his phone of saved websites, but he forgot or didn’t know the obvious, the history.

She spent three hours going through the websites.  She didn’t have time to devote much time to each one, but they were all eye openers for her.  She knew there was a lot of porn on the internet, but she never expected this and not from Chris.  He ran the gamut of perversions.  There was bondage, BDSM, anal, oral, but even strange ones like female domination, male domination, water sports and age play.  All of them required submission in one form or another.  It was getting late, so she had to get off the internet before Chris came home.  She didn’t want him to catch her as she had him.  But, before she erased her history, she stayed on one site a little longer.  It was a bondage site.  She found out she was shamefully wet early on that night as she went through the sites.  They were perverted, and some were disgusting the things the men and women did, but she found herself excited nonetheless.  She hadn’t cum that long and hard ever.  She was ashamed as soon as the pleasure faded.

For the last six months, Chris and Jessica went to websites while the other was away, yet they were too ashamed to mention their interests to the other for they feared they’d be branded a pervert.  After the lights had gone out and they went into a peaceful slumber, their heads were filled with all the perverted pleasure that was unobtainable to them.

It was as if the stars were in direct alignment during the night for Chris and Jessica.  It was Friday night, and they went to bed at eleven.  The week had been tough, the end of the month always difficult for accountants, so they were both tired.  It didn’t take them long to go to sleep, both of them went into a deep sleep in minutes.  Chris curled up against Jessica’s ass, and his hand went around her waist as if to draw her close to him.  His cock wasn’t erect before he fell asleep, in spite of Jessica thrusting her ass back against him without any thought.  It wasn’t until Chris began to dream that his cock got hard and throbbed against her buttocks.  It was at that very second that their separate dreams collided together.  Whether it was preordained or a complete accident, it triggered an event that couldn’t be stopped.

* * * *

Jessica felt different as if the troubles of the world had been lifted off her shoulders.  She didn’t have a care in the world.  It didn’t bother her that she was walking in the woods with Chris.  She didn’t know where they were, but it didn’t matter.  It was peaceful except for the cries of birds.  The tall, majestic trees shot up to the sky.  It was colder than she expected, but the sun only peeked between the leaves and branches of the dense forest.  She was dressed comfortably for the cold with a cashmere sweater that cradled her breasts in its softness.  She wore a plaid, wool skirt that hugged her hips and ass.  It was short, but she wore white knee socks.  The sneakers she wore were so comfortable that it felt as though she walked on air.  She was holding Chris’s hand as they walked down the dirt path to somewhere or nowhere, she didn’t care.

Chris looked different as they walked.  He wore a pair of jeans that looked as though they were tailored for his body.  She never noticed that he had such a nice ass, but her gaze went to the front of his pants.  She’d never seen him so relaxed, yet the front of his pants clearly reflected that he was hard.  She had to control herself from reaching over to check it.  He wore a pullover, and it clung to his chest.  He must’ve been working out in the gym, for his arms and chest looked more muscular.  She should compliment him but not now.  She was content to walk with him.

The sun finally burst through the trees when they came to the house.  The wind blew harder as they saw the ocean below them.  The house was perched on the cliff.  It looked inviting with a sign above the double red doors.  “Bed, Breakfast and B.”

The door opened up as soon as they reached the porch.  “Welcome, travelers.  Come on in.  I’ve been expecting you.”

He was a welcome sight.  They entered, and the door closed, blocking the cold breeze.  The house was warm and inviting, and the smell of a cake baking filled the air.

“It’s good to meet you, Jessica.”  Michael held out his hand to her.  She had a firm grip.  “You must be Christopher.”  He shook Chris’s hand.

“You can call me Chris.”  He was certainly friendly.

“I’m Michael.  Welcome.”

“Do you own this house?”  Jessica asked him.  He was handsome, fit and muscular, although he had to have twenty years on her, but it didn’t bother her.  His touch was electric when he shook her hand.  It shot to every pore in her body.

“No, He and She own it.  I help manage it and give the visitors what they are seeking.”

“I hope we can meet them before we leave.”

“They’re very busy and don’t spend much time here.  There are so many places in the world that require their immediate attention.  They leave it to us to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.  Your rooms are ready, but why don’t you join me in the living room.  There’s a nice fire going, and you can get comfortable.”

“It’ll be nice to spend a few days here, Chris.”  It didn’t bother Jessica that they didn’t bring any clothes.

“Yes, it’s seems so relaxing.”  It was serene there.  Chris felt so good as soon as they started to walk in the forest as if they left everything behind.  They didn’t know where they were going, but they’d arrived.  Michael was comforting.  He’d take care of them.

It was a large living room with two couches that faced the fireplace along with a couple of upholstered chairs.  All of them were overstuffed, and it looked as though you’d sink into them.  There was a flowered carpet in front of the couches.  “Why don’t you sit over there, Chris?”  He pointed to the other couch.  “Jessica can join me here.”  Michael sat down on the other couch.  The couches were angled, so they had a good view of each other.

Jessica sat next to Michael although the couch was large.  Their hips touched.  Chris looked at her and smiled but said nothing.  Jessica couldn’t understand why she grew wet, but she wouldn’t deny that it felt good.  Was it Chris that did that, or could an older man arouse me like this?

Michael looked at Jessica.  Her soft brown hair hung over the edge of one side of her face.  It was long, halfway down her back.  Her brown eyes sparkled with excitement.  He’d seen that same look in other visitors.  The house did that, opening up a new world.  His eyes were drawn to her lips.  She wore no lipstick, but they were naturally shiny and pink.  Michael turned to Chris.  “Doesn’t Jessica have a lovely mouth?  Her lips are seductive and moist.”

“Yes, she does.”  He felt his cock get hard at the thought of her lips.  If only she’d use them like the women he saw on the internet.  He could only imagine how good it would feel to have her tight lips wrapped around his cock.  But, she never did that before, and he was never brave enough to ask her.

It should’ve been disturbing when Michael put his arm around her and then drew her next to him.  She saw it coming, but she did nothing to stop him.  It had taken only a second before his lips touched hers.  She felt static electricity jump across their wet lips.  He wasn’t harsh or overpowering as he kissed her.  His kiss was soft and gentle.  Her breast was pushed into his hard chest, and her nipple sprung to painful hardness.  His tongue became more demanding, pushing aside her lips with ease and plunging into the depths of her mouth.  She liked that much better as he took possession of her mouth.  Out of the corner of her eye she saw Chris look at them, but he didn’t say anything.  He just stared intently.  Her tongue sought out Michael’s to duel with it.  Her back arched as she pushed her youthful breasts harder into his chest.  He took her breath away with his passionate kiss.

“Her lips are soft, and she has an eager tongue, Chris.”  He didn’t expect an answer from Chris.  He took his arm off her shoulder, for he needed two hands now.  His hands went to his lap.

She watched Michael.  She should’ve been shocked by what he did, but she found herself mesmerized as if it wasn’t real.  His hand went to his lap, and she saw the front of his pants move before he touched himself.  He opened his belt slowly, drawing it aside as his finger opened the single button of his pants.  One of his hands held the top of his pants as the other drew his zipper down as if it was the most casual thing to do.  She should look away, but she couldn’t and wouldn’t, unable to think of anything else.  She wanted to see what lay inside.  He pulled the sides of his pants apart, and she saw his cock move urgently in his tight shorts.  She clenched her fingers into fists, struggling not to reach over and help him.

Michael couldn’t control his cock as she watched him so intently.  His hand slid into his short and grabbed the shaft of his cock.  He struggled to pull it out, his shorts too tight and his cock too hard.  Finally, it burst free.  Michael was no longer able to contain it as if it was a wild dog finally released from a cage.

Jessica couldn’t contain the gasp that came from her lips when she saw his cock.  He stood it up like a mast on a ship.  It was so big.  Jessica had never seen a cock that big in her limited sexual experience.  Chris’s cock paled in comparison to it.  The bulbous head was dark red, almost purple.  It was smooth, but it glistened in the flickering light of the fireplace from the drops that leaked out.  As he held it, another thick white drop sat on the hole at the tip.  Michael’s large hand fit around the thick shaft, but her slender fingers wouldn’t be able to do that.  Her fingers moved as if she was checking.  It had to be six or seven inches that she could see, but she was sure there was another inch or two inside his shorts.

She didn’t understand why this felt so normal.  Chris sat across from her and watched as Michael revealed his cock to both of them.  Michael was charming, and she felt comfortable with him, more than she was with Chris.  Chris must feel the same way as he sat back on the couch.  His body looked comfortable in the position.  He wasn’t disturbed by Michael’s revelation or jealous of it.

“Grasp the shaft of my cock and hold it up, Jessica, so it can’t get away.”

Her hand moved instantly, itching to do it since he pulled it out of his pants.  Her fingers grasped it, clenching tighter on the shaft as the muscles in his cock contracted violently.  It was difficult to corral it.  She didn’t think a cock could be that strong.  Her hand was still, not sure what Michael wanted, but she wanted to stroke it to see if she could get it harder or longer.  She was correct in her assumption on its girth.  She was unable to get her fingers all the way around the shaft.  She couldn’t believe a cock could be that thick.  Chris’s wasn’t.

Michael pulled her head down until she was only inches from his cock.  He couldn’t control his cock when he felt her hot breath blow on it.  He was so close to having his cock inside her mouth, but he teased himself and her.

She didn’t resist as he pulled her face into his lap, although she didn’t know why.  She came face to face with his cock.  There was only one reason why he wanted her so close, but that was a shameful act that she’d never performed.  She never took a cock in her mouth, not even her husband’s.  She wouldn’t let Chris go down on her, fearing she’d have to reciprocate if she allowed him to pleasure her with his mouth and tongue.

“Lick the head, but don’t take it in your mouth.”  He had no doubt that she’d obey, in spite of the fact that she might not have done this before.

She saw the pearly drop on the head of his cock and knew that her mouth would be spoiled by the taste of his cum, but her tongue slowly slipped out of her mouth.  It didn’t have to go far before she touched his cock.  His cock almost got away from her hand.  She didn’t think the slight touch of her tongue on the head would affect it so much, but it jerked widely in her hand.  His cock head was hot, and the drop of cum invaded her taste buds.  It was thick and salty.  It left an unpleasant taste in her mouth, but that didn’t stop her from continuing.  The smooth head felt different when it was her tongue that explored it, not her fingers.  When she used her fingers on Chris’s cock, she knew how sensitive it was beneath the thick ridge or the hole in the tip.  Both places would make Chris leak out his cum.  Her tongue did the same thing.  More of his leaking cum invaded her mouth, but she couldn’t resist doing it as though she had something to prove.

“Open your mouth wide and let the head slip inside.  Clench your lips tightly around the head to secure it.”  Michael looked at Chris as he instructed Jessica to take his cock into her mouth.  He wasn’t denied by Jessica.  Her wet, silky lips slipped over the head of his cock, and then, they tightened like a rubber band.  He didn’t have to tell her to continue to use her tongue on the head.

Chris was in shock when he heard the request.  Jessica’s head moved lower, but he couldn’t see if she completely obeyed Michael’s request.  If only he’d move aside so he could see.

“Does Jessica suck cock, Chris?”