Olivia opened the door of the cabinet, and removed several objects, which she brought back to where Diana was still standing. She laid her selections on a small side table, then picked out a thin, whippy bamboo rod. She moved close to Diana, until her nose was an inch away from the taller woman's mouth. She stood there silently for a long time, more than a minute, glaring up at Diana.

“Do you see this rod, cunt?” Olivia barked, holding the rod up before Diana's eyes.

Diana glanced at it without moving her head. “Yes, I see it,” she answered.

Without warning, Olivia swept the bamboo through the air to snap into the soft, pale flesh in the side of Diana's breast. She screamed and jumped.

“Get back in position, cunt! Now!” Olivia ordered. “You will refer to me as 'Mistress'. Do not forget again.”

“Yes, Mistress…I'm sorry, Mistress,” a shaken Diana said hastily. Until that moment, Diana had a rather low opinion of Olivia, considering her to be a meek, timid mouse. She had not believed that the slender blonde had it in her to dominate and control someone with as strong a personality as she.  Diana did not know that before she had been enslaved, Olivia had been a power in high society in her home county, a strong personality who was feared by everyone, including her husband, and one who required and expected obedience from her inferiors.

Olivia placed the skinny rod back on the table, and picked up a riding crop made of braided red leather over a stiff steel core, with a leather loop at one end. She held this up for Diana's inspection, tapping it lightly against the new slave's cheek.

“Now look at this, bitch,” Olivia ordered. “Do you see it? Tell me what it is,” She demanded.

“It's a riding crop, Mistress,” Diana answered.

“Very good, slave,” Olivia said. She lowered the crop back to the table. “Now, you will beg me to correct you with one of those two instruments. Which one will you ask for that will please me most?”

Diana tried to temporize. “Mistress, I am unworthy to make such a decision. I ask you to use whichever one you think will benefit me the most... Ah!”

Olivia's hand reached up to slap Diana's cheek hard enough to make her stumble back a half-step. She instantly resumed the original position, ignoring the pain from her swelling cheek and the tear that trickled down from her eye on that side Olivia's blow had landed. 

“I instructed you to pick one, insolent bitch, and you will obey my orders!” Olivia snarled, her eyes blazing. “Do you dare to tell me what to do? Do that one more time, and I'll beat your fat tits black and blue. Now, answer me!”

Diana stared in amazement at the former society hostess. She had never seen this side of Olivia, never suspected that there was anything to her beyond the quiet, submissive slave girl, the soft sex-toy that Diana had wanted to have for herself, alone in her basement dungeon.  This Olivia was hard and cruel, and seemed to be capable of almost anything.

“I apologize Mistress!” Diana shouted. “I didn't intend any disrespect. Please forgive me.”

Olivia's hand shot out again, this time to slap Diana's out-thrust breast hard enough to leave a pink hand-print on the creamy flesh. “You still haven't answered the question, slut,” Olivia growled, sounding like a female version of Caine.

“Mistress, I choose the switch!” Diana screamed. “Please discipline this slave with the bamboo.”

Olivia plucked the slender rod from the table, and used it to push Diana's chin higher, until she was staring straight up at the ceiling. “And why did you want me to whip your disgusting pussy with the switch instead of the crop, slut?” Olivia asked. When Diana hesitated for a moment, Olivia said, “Don't even think about lying to me. If you do, I will hurt you.”

This threat, vague though it was, somehow was even more frightening than Caine's earlier threat involving needles. “I will hurt you” allowed Olivia a world of possibilities, limited only by her imagination, and Diana had an excellent imagination. She briefly pictured a range of nightmarish torments the other woman might devise for her.   

“Because…because, the crop looks…I mean, I think the crop would hurt me badly,” Diana forced herself to say.

Olivia did not respond to this, and Diana heaved a tiny sigh of relief. Apparently, she had made the right answer. She glanced quickly over at Caine. Although he remained silent, there was a definite look of puzzlement on his face.

Olivia pointed to a pair of vertical metal poles that stood four feet apart. “Sit between the poles, and fasten the cuffs around your ankles,” she ordered. The leather cuffs were attached to rings that circled the poles, allowing them to slide freely up and down as far as desired.

“Now, put your hands behind your back, wrists together,” Olivia ordered. She secured Diana's wrists with a loop of rope, then pulled a pair of lines down from the ceiling, and attached the ends to Diana's ankle-cuffs. The overhead lines came down through a pulley system, and could be raised or lowered by turning a small handle built into one of the poles.  Olivia now turned the crank, causing Diana to rise bottom-first from the ground.  In a few moments, she was completely clear of the floor, with her inverted nude body swinging gently back and forth between the poles.  Her legs were spread wide apart, affording Caine and Olivia an unimpeded view of her sex. Diana had never felt so helpless before nor, she suddenly realized, so excited. Her pulse was pounding in her ears, and she felt heat growing between her legs, even though she had not been touched there, and there did not appear to be any prospect of sexual pleasure in her immediate future.

“You chose the bamboo switch, slave,” Olivia said. She stood directly over Diana, tapping the little rod in her hand. “That was the wrong choice.” She drew her arm back and brought the little stick in low, snapping it into the nipple of Diana’s right breast, drawing a line of fire where it struck. Diana screamed in surprise and pain. She had thought her answer had satisfied Olivia, but instead she was being given additional punishment. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Caine nodding, his momentary confusion gone.

“Oh, Mistress, I beg you not to punish this foolish slave,” Diana wept. “I am so ignorant of…ahh!” she shrieked as Olivia landed a stroke on her other breast.

“Tell me why it was wrong, bitch,” Olivia demanded. “I'll keep your fat tits jumping with this switch until you explain it to me.”

Diana ordered herself to think, think dammit, but it was so hard to concentrate hanging upside-down while her tender breasts were being caned. A thought would begin to form, but before she could complete it, Olivia would hit her again. Each blow of the bamboo made her breasts feel as if they had been struck by a bolt of lightning, and everything except the pain was driven out. As a result, the best she could manage was a series of unfinished thoughts expressed in disjointed, screamed words.

“It's because I …arrgh...oh that hurts, Mistress…the riding crop is…hahhhhh!... no more, I beg you! I should be punished with the crop, because I deserve…gahhhh...I'll die, please, you're killing me!” and so forth. This continued for what seemed to Diana like hours, but was actually no more than a few minutes, until the blonde relented.

By the time Olivia stopped, Diana's breasts were covered with more than a dozen bright pink lines, although nowhere was the skin broken. Her tender flesh burned like fire, but somehow, there was something else there as well, something besides the pure agony she should have felt. There was a definite stirring of warmth in her loins.

 Olivia put her foot on Diana's chest to stop the swaying motion she had started by her frantic twisting as she was beaten by the switch. “I will explain it to you, since you are evidently too stupid to figure it out yourself.” She said.  “Correction encourages the slave to learn what is expected of her, and to remember it afterwards. The more painful the punishment, the more incentive the slave has to improve her performance. Therefore…can you reason out the rest yourself?”

With a great effort, Diana brought her breathing back to normal. Without the switch to distract her, she was able to think quite clearly, and the answer came quickly. “Therefore, the most painful punishment is the most effective. I should have asked for the crop, if I wished to be the best slave I could be. Thank you, Mistress Olivia, for explaining that to me.”

Olivia nodded. “And now, what must you do?”

The answer to this question was obvious as well, but it was hard for her to speak the words aloud. “Please Mistress,” Diana said slowly, “I ask you to…punish my pussy with…with the riding crop.”

“I will grant your request, slave,” Olivia said, raising the leather stick. She brought it down sharply, to thwack the soft mound between Diana's legs. Diana screamed.  

The correction that followed was quite as bad as she had imagined it would be. Olivia seemed to know exactly to time the blows for maximum effectiveness, and precisely where to strike to cause the most pain.  With just ten strokes of the braided leather stick, she was able to reduce Diana to the level a mindless, writhing beast. Olivia was forced to repeat herself three times before Diana even realized that she was being asked a question.

“I…I'm sorry…Mi…Mistress…I didn't…could you…s …say…that…again?” she mumbled miserably.

“I asked you if you had ever served another woman sexually with your mouth?” Olivia said.

“No…no, I…wouldn't like…like that, Mistress,” Diana answered.

“But you wouldn't mind if one took care of you, is that it?” Olivia asked. “You made that slave of yours suck you off, didn't you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Diana admitted. “But how did you…?”

“You are the type who only wants to be served, never to serve others, that's how I knew. I was like you myself, before…” she turned to look at Caine, who remained in his chair quietly watching the two women. “I know all about your kind, Mrs. Richardson,” she finished. “And today, you are going to learn how to serve me.”  She raised the crop, and brought it down on Diana's swollen flesh again.

Olivia stopped after administering twenty strokes. She found that she was enjoying the helpless Diana's struggles, but was at the same time a little sickened by the way she took pleasure from the other woman's agony. Her momentary surge of anger, or whatever it was that had allowed her to punish her victim so cruelly, was more than satisfied. She fought back an urge to kneel down to comfort the weeping, writhing Diana, wondering if the brutal beating was enough to satisfy Caine.

“Now, thank me,” Olivia demanded, making herself sound as tough as possible. “Thank me for correcting you, bitch.”

“Uhh…uhhh… thank…thank you, M…Mistress Oliv…Olivia…for teaching me…a valuable lesson…” Diana huffed out between sobs. “Please let me…serve you, Mistress.”

This last request took Olivia by surprise. She had not asked Diana to serve her yet. She looked curiously at the other woman's sex, which was red and puffy after the correction, then reached out to touch her. Diana moaned and writhed sensuously when the blonde handled her, then looked up with tear-filled eyes.

“Please Mistress…I need…I mean… will you…” she whispered, then trailed off, her eyes locked on those of her trainer.

From behind came the voice of Caine. Olivia had nearly forgotten he was there. “I thought I heard Diana ask if she might serve you. Don't you think she deserves an opportunity to please her Mistress?” He asked. “It's just a suggestion, of course. You should do what you think best.”

“Yes, yes of course, Master,” Olivia answered automatically. “Do you beg to serve me with your slutty tongue?” She asked Diana.

“Yes, yes, Mistress, please let me lick you,” Diana said, pathetically eager to please.

Olivia turned the crank to raise the other woman until Diana's mouth was even with her thighs. “Why have you never serviced a woman this way before?” Olivia demanded. “Did you think you were too special for it?”

 “No, Mistress,” she replied. “It was just that I thought…I mean, it was a little bit…nasty, I mean to put my mouth down there,” she explained haltingly.

Olivia understood this perfectly. In fact, before her enslavement, she had found the idea of engaging in sex with another woman in any form completely revolting, particularly oral sex. Years as Caine's slave had changed that.

She put her hands on the back of Diana's inverted head and pulled her close, until her mouth was up against the lips of Olivia's sex. “Well, you asked to serve me, so get started, slave!”

She saw Diana's features twist in a grimace of distaste before her face disappeared down between her smooth thighs. The heiress was soon lapping away enthusiastically, if not expertly. Olivia, still holding her head in position, gave Diana directions, which were unhesitatingly followed. Soon, the soft touch of Diana's warm tongue on her secret parts was sending a wonderful, warm sensation coursing through Olivia's body. For some reason, this made her acutely aware of the fragrance wafting up from between Diana's wide-open legs.

Olivia had learned to orally satisfy other women, as this was one of the skills Caine required all of his slave-girls to learn, but she had never particularly enjoyed it, and had never voluntarily engaged in it, even with her best friend Elenora. But now, for whatever reason, she had an overwhelming urge to plunge her mouth into Diana's sex which was just below her. Without thinking, suddenly she ducked her head down the vertex of the other woman's luscious thighs and began to flick out with her tongue.

Immediately, Diana responded, her own tongue moving twice as fast as before, while her teeth nibbled delicately at Olivia's sensitive flesh, sending thrilling charges of pleasure up her spine with each gentle nip. Thus encouraged, Olivia redoubled her own efforts, employing her lips, tongue and teeth the best she knew how, which was very good indeed, as she had been taught by experts. So busy was she at the giving and receiving of pleasure, that she did not even notice Caine approach until he spoke again.

“Very interesting,” he said, his voice coming from directly behind Olivia's ear, and making her start. “I had no idea you enjoyed that sort of thing.” When she began to raise her head to answer him, he said, “Now I don't want to interrupt, but I wonder if we could just make a little rearrangement, so I could get at an unused hole, though.”

“Yes, of course, Master, anything you like,” Olivia blurted. 

Caine nodded in acknowledgement, then lowered the rope which held Diana aloft until her hindquarters were even with his waist, then locked her in place again.  He motioned for Olivia to kneel over Diana's face, as she now lay recumbent on her back, which she did. Olivia grasped her by the thighs, then leaned forward until her mouth was back on Diana's lower lips, and her tongue busy inside her slippery slot.

Caine fingered Diana's rear entry, saying “I'm sure you'll have no objection if I put this to good use, Diana. After all, it's your little show that got me so interested in the first place.”

He untied the belt holding his robe closed, and slid his arms out of the sleeves, letting it drop to the floor behind him. From where she stood, Olivia could see that he had an enormous erection, bigger and stiffer than usual. He took himself in hand, and began to enter the helpless Diana from the rear. Olivia noticed that action of the other woman’s tongue and mouth instantly became frantic, and she could feel Diana’s soft cries of protest as Caine’s thick rod painfully forced open her narrow back passage. “Nnnnnnnn!”

This proved to be irresistibly exciting for Olivia, who came, spattering Diana’s face with her cum as she wildly ground her hips into Diana's face. A few seconds later, Diana exploded. She made high-pitched sounds that could have indicated ecstasy, agony or a combination of both, her flesh quivering under Olivia's lips as she bounced madly beneath her. Less than a minute later, Caine grunted between his clenched teeth, “Fuck! You bitch!” and shot off deep inside the colon of a mewling Diana.

“How was she?” Caine asked, after a long period of quiet puffing while all three participants caught their breath.

Olivia was smiling, her lips shiny with fluid. “She was good, very good for a beginner,” she answered.

Caine reached down and took a handful of Diana's soft brown hair. With this hold, he pulled her head up to face him. “I think the life of a slave agrees with you rather well, don't you Diana?”

She stared up at her new master for a long moment, lips parted and eyes wide, considering the question. Then she nodded.