Blonde Girl, Black School 3



There it was. My fixation. My obsession. My quandary. My confusion. My uncertainty. My fear.


Sex has always been a sort of hobby, and not exactly my favorite one. Guys were always wanting it, but living in a small, Louisiana town, I wasn't about to let them. Not often. You have to be really careful when you're a girl in the south and everyone around you is watching you.

Going away to university changed all that. I had suspected it might but not how it did. See, the school I wound up at was Xavier university, in New Orleans. It's a mostly Black college. Only about three percent of its students are white. Why had I come here? Because they gave me an athletic scholarship. For playing volleyball of all things!

That gave me the opportunity to make something of myself. Instead of being some waitress or working in a factory – presuming I was lucky – I could be a pharmacist, and write my own ticket anywhere in the country!

Of course, I had to stay in good with the team, a mostly Black team, and not all the girls were very enthusiastic about some lil ol white girl joining them. That was especially so since I was smaller and thinner and weaker than most all of them.

That was something I wasn't used to either! At five feet ten I'd always been the tall girl! Now I was about the shortest girl on the team! I was also slenderer than most of the other girls, who had broader backs, shoulders and arms.

They were strong, I was fast. That helped make up for things on the team as we practiced.

Then came sex.

I had never had much interest in girls other than as friends. Then a couple of the girls on the team, seniors, notably the team captain, Jasmine, and her friend Shaquila, had decided that they wanted to get their hands on my pale skin and blonde hair, and teach me all about pleasing women with my mouth!

I still don't understand quite how they did it so easily. It was a mixture of my anxiety about making the team, my hesitation to push back against them, my anxiety about being a white girl, a minority, and not wanting them to think I felt I was too good for them and... and a strange dark, wild sexual heat they had inspired in me.

I hadn't even really known I had such heat. I'd never felt it before! Oh, I'd felt excited before, aroused, I guess you'd say. But I'd never felt that sense of pounding pressure, like with my hands trembling and my body shaking and this incredible, tight chested thrill inside me!

I don't know why it was. Maybe because sex with them wasn't like any sex I'd ever been involved in before. See, they were playing this dominance and submission game with me, where they treated me like I was their sex slave! The whole idea of that made me breathless! Not because it wasn't silly, because I admit it is, but because, well, it's so shocking and outrageous!

I mean, the idea of me, Molly Blake, doing such wicked things, pretending to be a sex slave, letting herself get tied up! That was like... wow! I was enthralled! And, well, they were both older than me, and way more sexually experienced, so in a way it made sense to let them take charge.

And the more nasty, wicked things I did, and the more incredible orgasms I had, the more thrilled and excited I got! In just a few short days they'd torn all my inhibitions to shreds, though they hadn't done it without leaving me feeling mighty darn guilty and kind of ashamed of myself!

I knew the kind of stuff we were doing was stuff every single person in my extended family and all my teachers back in Dayton, and all my coaches and all my friends would be shocked and horrified about if they ever knew. Which meant I ought to be horrified about it too!

And I kind of was! Except that the wild, animal heat that it roused in me was like a drug, a high like none other I'd ever felt, giving me the most incredible, mind-blowing orgasms that had already kind of gotten me addicted!

And when Shaquila and Jasmine had then introduced their boyfriends into the mix I'd been too drunk on pleasure and sexual heat to object! God, what a slut I was! I still marveled at the perverted goings on the other day, and how I'd let boys I didn't even know fuck me in every damned orifice!

But the shock of that would have been worse if it had come alone. No, it had been one shock after another since Jasmine had stepped into my shower stall at the gym. And it's hard to be shocked at anything else when a girl has her hand up inside you and is sucking on your clitoris like she wants to pull it off your body!

Thankfully, Xavier wasn't like small town Dayton. It had way more people, and so I didn't have to cringe under hostile glares everywhere I walked, since people didn't seem to know or care about the sordid stuff I'd gotten up to.

You can be sure if I'd been involved in a nasty, dirty scene like I had been the other day, with like five other people, lots of others would have found out real soon back in Dayton!

 That was reassuring, but it still didn't tell me what exactly I should be doing about this new, wild, sordid, sexual relationship I had with... well, girls! And Black girls at that! I mean, this is Louisiana, okay! Blonde girls who are known to have sex with Black girls – and Black boys, get treated like total whores everywhere!

Maybe not so much on the campus here, of course. Thought a lot of the Black girls didn't look very kindly towards white girls, particularly blondes, stealing their menfolk.

The knock at my door startled me. I was a lot more easily startled than I used to be! And a lot more nervous. I went to it and peeked through the peep hole, and felt a jolt of anxiety as I saw my next-door neighbor there. Shaquila was on the team, and she and Jasmine had been the main ones treating me like a sex slave!

I opened it reluctantly, anxiously, and she pushed her way inside.

“Ready to go, blonde girl?” she demanded.

“Uhm, yes,” I said.

She glowered at me and I looked nervously past her at the open door.

“Yes, Mistress Shaquila,” I said softly.

She snorted and then shoved the door closed.

“You don't look ready to me.”

We were going to our first game, and it was at another school, which meant we were busing it.

I frowned at her in confusion.

“You ain't dressed properly.”

“I thought we didn't wear our uniforms on the bus,” I said.

“We don't. Get naked.”

“But... but we gotta go soon!” I protested anxiously.

“Now, slave girl!” she growled.