Blonde Girl, Black School 2


Have you ever felt as if your life was rushing away and not giving you any chance to catch up? That was sure how I was feeling! Things were hectic and stressful enough starting college – something I'd never expected to be able to do in the first place – without it being an almost all-Black college!

But I'd coped!

If it would get me out of small-town Louisiana and get me a decent job I'd cope with almost anything! And the volleyball athletic scholarship to Xavier university had opened up a lot of unexpected options in my life!

Okay, so the place was about 85% Black. And most of the rest were Asians or Hispanics. I still wasn't the only white girl here by a long shot. And it wasn't like I was a big old racist. Having mostly lived in a segregated area I'd hardly ever even known any Blacks anyway.

I had heard they were really oversexed, though, and that had proven to be true. The Black men on campus made no secret of their appreciation for my blonde hair and fair skin. They were way more up front about what they wanted than the boys had been in Dayton.

But I could cope with guys wanting my body. It wasn't exactly a new thing, after all!

What had overloaded my mind lately had been the girls on the volleyball team, particularly the captain! Jasmine was tall, beautiful, and very strong – both her body and her will. And somehow or other I had found myself getting seduced – forcefully seduced – into a weird sort of lesbian relationship with her!

It wasn't even only her! Another Black girl, Shaquila, had joined Jasmine and me in the shower at the gym, and the two of them had been overwhelming! Their hands and lips had been all over me! And they'd used my own bottles of shampoo and conditioner to fuck me and make me climax repeatedly!

That was... mortifying! I was shocked by what they'd done but even more shocked at how I'd reacted! I'd never considered myself weak willed, but I'd been helpless, in the face of the wild heat swirling inside me, to do anything but let them do whatever they wanted!

And it had gotten worse when I'd come back to the dorm with Jasmine! The captain had played a sick kind of tie-up game, pretending I was her slave girl! And there she'd taught me how to please her with my lips and tongue while using a big black dildo to ride me like... like a bitch in heat!

And again, instead of refusing and stalking out I'd given in and let the woman do whatever she wanted! Oh, partly it was for fear of being forced off the team. I needed to be on the volleyball team, after all, needed that scholarship! I sure couldn't afford to alienate the captain!

So sure, that had caused me some hesitation in how I reacted, but that wasn't what had made me come like a whore! Jasmine had put her hand over my mouth to silence my screams of pleasure!

God! I'd never felt that kind of sensory overload in my life! It wasn't like I was a virgin but I'd certainly never experienced anything like that sort of sexual heat, hunger and pressure! It had been like I was drowning in it! I couldn't stop her from doing anything she wanted even if she hadn't tied me up!

But I wasn't a lesbian! I knew that! I had never felt attracted to girls before, even though I had always been aware it was a 'thing', you know, for girls to mess around together for play. I'd had sex with guys and I liked it!

Of course, Jasmine had a boyfriend, too, and so did Shaquila. This was just them messing around, was all. But it blew my mind how it had, well, blown my mind! I was still trying to sort myself out in my room afterward, trying to figure out why I had gone along with it, and felt such an intense sexual high!

And then, of course, and now, came the anxiety about where this was all going. Jasmine had an overpowering personality. She seemed to me to be a girl who got what she wanted, and she clearly wanted me! I wanted nothing to do with her!

Or, well, I mean, I didn't but... but I couldn't escape the wild echo of heat and pleasure and passion that resonated through me every time I remembered the wicked, perverted things she'd done to me! It had been the wildest, most intensely sexual experience of my life, and the sexual pressure within me had been suffocating!

Why? I had no idea! But I had done anything she told me, said anything she told me to say, even saying I was her bitch and her slave girl and I loved black cock and black pussy! Ugh! How humiliating! How degrading!

I lived in fear the next day. It wasn't fear of Jasmine attacking me and tearing my clothes off, of course. No, it was the fear born of my experience in small town Dayton, Louisiana, which was fear of everyone finding out, of the sneering looks and the cutting remarks.

But no one in any of my classes seemed to be looking at me any differently. No one said anything that suggested they'd heard what a lesbian slut I was! The guys, mostly black, still looked at me like wolves examining a pork chop, and the girls all glared at me like I was gonna steal their boyfriends.

Black guys liked blonde girls. I knew that much. I mean, everyone liked blondes. But it seemed, weirdly, that Black guys were hotter for them than white guys. This was a college, so there wasn't a lot of suggestive, much less obscene comments, but guys I barely knew tried to talk me into going out with them, or at least having lunch with them several times every day.

I said no, that I wasn't dating or seeing any guys for at least my first month at school, until I got settled in my classes and on the team, because they were my priority. That was partly right, but it was also that I didn't want to date no Black guys. First, because it was freaking Louisiana, and second because all the Black girls were just waiting for me to start stealing their men.

Way safer to just stay by myself. It wasn't like I was looking to meet a husband or nothing. I wanted to graduate as a pharmacist and move to a big city and enjoy life, not settle down and make babies.

And if I was looking for a husband he sure wouldn't be no black guy! If I was gonna stay anywhere in the South that would just make my life way more complicated than it needed to be. Even in the North it could cause trouble. A lotta people didn't look too kindly on White girls sleeping with Black men, and a lot of Black women didn't like it neither.

Plenty of white guys out there who wouldn't cause trouble. I'd eventually pick one of them. Of course, there weren't very many here at school, but I wasn't in no hurry.

And then all out of the blue had come these girls stepping into my shower and then … messing with me! What in the damn hell was I supposed to do about it all!?

I was just finished my last class when I got a text on my cell phone. I glanced at it and it was like my heart just stopped and my chest tightened so I could barely breath! It was from Jasmine!

Special rookie practice. Five sharp tonight in my room. Be there. Dinner will be provided.

Rookie practice? In her dorm room!? That didn't make no sense!

How do you practice volleyball in a dorm room, I sent back.

We got these things called plays, blonde girl, which you get in a book, she wrote back.

I flushed uncertainly. I had a lot of suspicion about whether that was really why she was inviting me over but what was I supposed to do? Refuse? I couldn't do that! What I was gonna have to do was tell her that what had happened was... uh, freaky and that we weren't gonna do it no more.

Although, to be absolutely honest, the thought of that stuff was still making my heart race, and was still making me feel kind of shaky. I didn't want to do that stuff but... but I did! I mean, some part of me did! Like, that part down between my legs! The part of me raised in Dayton, Louisiana wanted no part of it, no how!

Course, I wasn't in Dayton, any more. I was in New Orleans.

But I'd only been here a couple of weeks and you don't throw off where you were raised so quick and easy.

Anyway, there wasn't any real choice. I had to go to her dorm room, which was on the top floor of my own building. I went to my place first, the anxiety swirling inside me. I felt all fidgety, and changed clothes, into something that was real frumpy and conservative. But then I figured that was too obvious and she'd laugh at me, so I just changed into shorts and a T-shirt. I wore a sexy bra and thong under it, though, because if somehow we did wind up doing something I wanted to look nice.

So anyway, I waited till the last minute, then took the elevator up to her floor, walking down the narrow corridor like I was headed for my doom, even though my lower belly was kind of pulsing with anticipation. I knocked, feeling uncharacteristically shy, and after a moment, she opened the door.

“Get yourself in here, blonde girl,” she said. “You're late.”

I went in and she closed the door behind me.

“Only a minute,” I said.


I yelped at the slap to my bottom.