Despite her unwavering conviction that it would never happen, morning actually did arrive.

Leo had set the time for the final blowjob-level jolt from the dildo in her pussy to go off at six thirty.  When she woke him up with his cock in her mouth and her lips stroking him vigorously, he finally understood why slave owners spoke so highly of being waken up this way.

Sasha had lost count, but she knew this was around the sixth or eighth blowjob she had given him since she had arrived at his house.  During the entire time she had not been allowed to brush her teeth afterwards.  Her mouth felt like the proverbial army had marched through it, wearing dirty socks.  Even at that, her mouth felt better than the rest of her did.  She felt lethargic and groggy from lack of sleep and her pussy ached.  The “not too bad” level shocks Leo had set to occur all night long had been quite painful, even if they didn’t last very long.  He had certainly been right though, they kept her from getting any sleep.  After they went off, the blowjob shocks had progressed upward in a big hurry, going from sorta painful to downright unfriendly, then much more, before she was able to swallow his cum.   As soon as one started, she attacked his cock with gusto, trying to make him cum as quickly as she could manage.  She worked her ass off blowing him, and he loved it.  He didn't cum one of the times, but he was fair enough to reset the dildo even when he didn't.

For as bad as she felt when that final blowjob was finished, she still looked pretty good.  Looking really terrible was almost impossible for someone of her beauty, then the shower that Leo permitted her to take did wonders toward eliminating even the slight damage the night without sleep had done to her.  When she got out of the shower, Leo pointed to a package on the bed.  As she walked to the box, she couldn’t help but remember the story her sister had told her. When Craig had given Rita a night of freedom, she had similarly opened a box of clothing.  Rita had chosen her own attire on that occasion; now Sasha wondered what Leo had picked for her to wear for this foray into her old office.  She found he had even picked out acceptable make-up.  She would look gorgeous, as usual.

Sasha’s arrival at her former office caused an understandable level of excitement.  Her former coworkers were all delighted to see her, even if their reasons differed somewhat.

In short, the delight in seeing her was prompted by one of two emotions.  The first was genuine concern and friendship, exemplified by sincere inquiries about her health and well-being, and how she was handling her status as a slave.

The second motivation was an aching desire to take advantage of the fact that she was a slave, and, depending on one’s preference at the moment, either to get her naked and on her back, or naked and or her knees.  That second motivation was strongly fueled by the very sexy outfit Leo had dressed her in.  The sensuous curves and smoldering sexuality she had taken pains to downplay when she worked there were now blatantly on display.  Even some of the friends who were honestly concerned for her welfare were not unaffected by the inspiring sight of her in a tight, sheer blouse, stilettos, and an almost too small camel leather miniskirt with slightly darker stockings.

Leo allowed the homecoming and well-wishing to run its course without interference.  He was wise enough to realize that to cut it short would only cause distraction and would diminish her effect as a strong advocate for the soon to be announced program.  In this instance, ‘soon’ meant within the next few minutes.  Yesterday, Leo had announced the fact that meetings were going to be held, so everyone was watching the clock, knowing when the first one was scheduled to begin.  The only thing Leo had said about the meetings was that the meaning of S.A.F.E.:  H.A.V.E.N. was going to be explained.   As far as he could tell, no one had figured out the meaning of the acronym, although there was a pretty strong undercurrent of certainty among the staff that it had to do with enslavement, particularly in view of the fact that only the female employees were to attend.  That, and the rather obvious hint offered by the words themselves.

When the appointed hour arrived, the entire female clerical and support staff filed into the large conference room that had been designated for the purpose.  Sasha entered along with the rest of the staff, but left her friends to move to the front of the room to join Leo.

The meetings went pretty much as expected.  Leo gave a short introduction, revealed the meaning behind the letters, and gave a brief overview of the plan.  He then spoke briefly about how fortunate they were to have Sasha available, although he did not explain how her presence had come to pass.  He turned the meeting over to her and left the room, with a promise to return whenever he was asked to if he hadn’t done so already.

Sasha did well.  She looked tired and beaten down, exactly as Leo had planned, but having little else to do, between blowjobs that is, she had spent the night thinking about the upcoming meeting and how she would present her ideas.  She had also masturbated herself to five orgasms.  Leo hadn’t told her that she wasn’t allowed to, and since he was now her master, even if only temporarily, it was his responsibility to tell her if she wasn’t allowed.  Besides, five times hadn’t taken her very long to do, not with the dildo filling her.