(Gerda – Book 6)

Chapter 1


Gerda returned to her suite in a thoughtful mood. So far, the punishments she had witnessed that morning had not been too horrific and she had admired Isabella for giving the pathetic little slave No. 48 new hope. But she realised that the Punishment Mistress had not earned her merciless reputation for nothing and she was almost dreading what the afternoon's lessons would bring.

She found her own personal slave, no. 40, awaiting her, polishing glasses at the small bar in her sitting-room. So far, she had had little need of him, apart from information and advice, as Maria jealously saw to everything Gerda might require. But now Maria was not present and Slave 40 bowed and handed her the print-out of an email.

"It just arrived five minutes ago, Madam, I was about to bring it down to you. Your serving-maid was summoned to be measured and fitted for a new outfit, she should return shortly."

Gerda’s heart gave a double beat when she read:

As promised, I will be with you shortly.  Please arrange leave of absence from Baronessa Olga for 24 hours.  I hope you have not forgotten to me or your duties!  Love from Guy.

As if she could ever forget her adored husband and Master. She felt a glow of sexual love at the thought of serving him again, suffering his tortures and punishments, revelling in the sight of his tall slim figure in its tight white leather. Yes, she would serve and pleasure him until he was screaming for mercy.

She felt a glow of goodwill. "Mix me a vodka on the rocks," she ordered, "And I'll have lunch up here, as I have to change for my afternoon's work. Now, I understand you can wear anything I order while you're serving in my quarters, so to start with I don't want you wearing those heavy green slave boots. You'll get yourself high-heeled black vinyl thigh boots which zip tightly up the back, right up to your crotch, strapping tightly at the top with two gold buckles. Also, I don't have to see your strapped balls in their latex covering, so you'll always wear a pair of those delicious black leather punishment shorts, with the strapped balls laced inside. If you displease me, I will tighten the laces and then beat your aching balls through the leather. Understood?" 

Slave 40 bowed. "Understood, Mistress. I shall be happy to be so dressed, much more subtle and physically more attractive, if I may say so. Those heavy green thigh boots are supposed to be a constant reminder of our slavehood, but with a strict Mistress this is seldom necessary. I will see to it when you leave this afternoon."

There was a knock at the door and a serving-maid presented a large white suitcase. "That will be my costume for later. I'll take a quick shower, then get dressed before I have lunch. If Maria's not back you may help me into it."

There was still no sign of Maria when Gerda had stripped, showered and returned wearing a purple latex dressing-gown. Neatly laid out across her bed were several black garments. Faintly embarrassed in front of the imperturbable Slave 40, she casually examined them.

She saw at once the thick latex leotard with the short tight legs and knew it was a watertight grease suit. Then she felt the hard rubber projections inside and felt an evil thrill pass through her body, knowing the effect that two greased dildoes would have on her willing body. She noticed the slave had laid out a two-litre jug filled to the top with the special scented pink jelly-grease which was always available to the Mistresses. The slave spoke quietly.

"I have taken the liberty of preparing some grease inside the leotard, Madam, so that you can easily slip into it. When Madam is ready, I suggest you let me pour in the remainder of the grease from the back of the neck and then from the front. To do so yourself is difficult and can result in a messy spill. Also, if I may draw your attention to it, there are built-in nipple screws, which should not be tightened until covered with grease. And let me assure you, Madam, that this is my normal job, if you did not have your own serving-maid. You must look upon me not as a male, but as a faithful slave."

Gerda felt better for 40's thoughtful explanation. "Very well. Leave me now and I'll call you when I'm ready."

Alone, she slipped off the latex gown and pulled on the heavy latex leotard, letting the thick dildos slide into her bottom and her vagina, then snugging into the shoulders until the suit encased her body and the short legs clung tightly round her thighs. She noticed that the shoulders and waist fitted tightly, but the bottom part of the leotard was slightly loose, to accommodate a mass of grease.

The fitted breast-cups intrigued her. Her firm boobs wedged tightly into them, although the thick rubber nipples seemed too large. Then she realised that built in to each nipple was a heavy band of rubber which could be tightened by turning an attached rubber nut. She called back the slave.

"All right, Number 40, you may grease me up and don't dare spill one drop!"

He took up the jug and gently pulled back the high collar of the leotard and commenced pouring. Gerda shuddered in ecstasy as the warm thick grease coursed down her back into the bottom of the suit. Then he pulled forward the front of the collar and slowly emptied in the remainder of the large jug. She felt it reach her breasts and massaged them thoroughly until the grease filled the nipple-tits, then nearly swooned as a litre of warm grease ran down her stomach and filled the foot of the leotard. The slave removed the jug and buckled up the wide strap round the high collar of the suit, then he crossed to the bed and brought back a pair of heavy black rubber boot-pants, from the knee up styled in jodhpur fashion. He knelt in front of Gerda.

"If Madam will sit down, I have already powdered the inside of the legs so you should be able to slide into the tight boot part fairly easily. Beware of the heels when you stand, Madam, they are very high."

With some difficulty, Gerda slid her feet into the booted legs, then carefully stood up and pulled the rest of the trousers up to her waist. It was cleverly cut so that the bottom section was crackling and loose enough not to squeeze the mass of grease inside the leotard. She belted the waist tightly with the attached strap. The slave brought over shoulder-length close-fitting latex gloves and smoothed them up Gerda's arms. Then came a heavy black rubber jacket, lined in silky rubber, fastening up the back. She slid her arms into the tight sleeves and stood delighting in the sensation as Slave 40 tightened up the laces from neck to hem, which finished a few inches below her waist, leaving the jodhpurs to curve gracefully outwards. She looked down at the shining black jacket, now so tight it felt like a corset and was surprised to see there were two small holes at her breasts, through which her greased nipples and rubber screws, imprisoned inside the leotard, pushed rigidly forwards.

The slave took two wide black leather straps and strapped them tightly round the wrists of the jacket, effectively sealing on Gerda's latex gloves. Then he buckled a wide leather belt round her waist and hung a short heavy whip and a ball-beater to hooks at either side.

"That's it, Madam, except for your mask, but possibly Madam Isabella may wish you to wear a whipping coat later on. May I go down now to bring your lunch?"

In a daze, Gerda gave him permission. When she was alone she macked across to the long mirror and surveyed the superb black figure which shone back at her. After her long months of training she found she had no difficulty walking in the spiky six-inch heels, but she had to deliberately control herself as almost two litres of thick grease moved sluggishly inside her leotard as she walked. Gingerly she sat on a chair, her thick dildos sliding sexily into her and the compressed grease making it almost impossible to sit still.

Cunning bitch, thought Gerda, I'll be so randy she knows I'll whip that poor bastard till he's screaming. I must try to control myself.

Her appetite gone, she ate little lunch, shamefully watching the clock, with every movement hearing a faint 'gluck' of grease and feeling it lubricate every part of the watertight leotard. Her taut breasts, too, felt wonderfully slippery and her greased nipples were large and hard.

She pulled on her mask, with her name in gold lettering across the forehead, and at exactly two entered the large Training Room.

Isabella, still in her shining black vinyl outfit, greeted her warmly.

"My God, you wear that costume well. Are you fully greased?"

Gerda groaned in mock anguish. "Yes! It's heaven and hell, I'm just trying not to take a Pleasure."

"Excellent. Then perhaps you'll be able to let yourself go and whip this slave severely. I'll give you a thin whip so that you'll draw some blood. Confidentially, this slave adores a good whipping and he'll take a massive orgasm when he feels the blood flowing."

For a moment Gerda felt sick, but the sound of her rustling breeches as she crossed the room, and the subtle pressure of her dildos greasing in and out, blocked out any prudish thoughts. Isabella meanwhile brought across two heavy helmets.

"We'll wear these, they look very sinister and when a slave sees a Mistress wearing it he knows he's in trouble. Pull it over your own mask and strap it round the neck. Also, I want you to wear the special whipping apron, to protect your costume. It also scares the slave."

Obediently, Gerda pulled the heavy rubber hood over her masked face. She could see clearly through the tinted mica goggles and breathe easily through many small holes cunningly pierced through the mask, but when she looked in a convenient mirror she saw only a blank black rubber face with evil black glass eyes.

Isabella brought across a large white apron, then paused and reached for Gerda's straining breasts. "You must tighten up the nipples, my dear, the pain will give you added sadistic tendencies. Here, let me show you!"

Before Gerda could protest, the Punishment Mistress had taken both gloved hands and was tightening the nipple screws until Gerda's greased tits were squeezed cruelly forward inside the tight latex, two hard nuts held tautly upwards at the end of her straining breasts. She let out a hiss of pain and pleasure.

"That's much better," Isabella said calmly, "Give it a minute or so to adjust, then you can tighten them some more. Personally I find the pain of a nipple-clamp combined with a greased Rod and a tight rubber suit is one of the high spots of life. Most of the slaves know that when they see me dressed in nipple-screws they can expect no mercy whatsoever. Now, you'll put on your apron later, after the slave has seen you in your magnificent outfit; always remember the psychological effect is most important in training and punishment. Come along, the slave is waiting for you in the Whipping Room, I ordered him to be strapped down a few minutes ago."

Meekly Gerda followed the woman down the corridor to a door on which was inscribed in Gothic letters: "The Whipping Chamber". Gerda could imagine the sheer terror of a slave being hauled through that door.

Inside, the terror would not lessen. Brilliant lights shone down on the only two items of equipment in the large room. A narrow, black- vinyl whipping horse and a tall pillar, sixteen inches in diameter, round which a slave could be hung, strapped and chained.

Slave 19 had been secured over the whipping horse, a contraption similar to a gym-horse, but with shorter legs, and at one end a third stout wooden 'leg' descending to the floor so that the slave could be fixed to it with his legs bound together, or his ankles stretched wide apart to the two outer legs.

Gerda felt a thrill of sadistic pleasure sweep through her as she saw the slave. His torso was strapped down across the length of the horse, with his arms pulled tightly forward and chained and padlocked to the front part. His legs, in their high rubber waders, were forced wide apart and strapped at the ankles, calves, knees, and thighs to the wooden rear legs of the whipping table. His bottom, covered at present by a short latex skirt, reared upwards. The masked and gagged face, turned sideways towards the centre of the room, was tightly secured into position by a heavy leather head-harness chained to the end of the horse. He was not blindfolded and could see the Mistresses through his eye-slits.

Isabella surveyed him with a grunt of satisfaction. She bent down and signalled Gerda to look between his outstretched legs. "That's a little invention of my own. Attached to the end of the whipping horse is a steel ball-clamp, into which his strapped testicles have been tightly screwed. So if he attempts to move, or jerk while being whipped, he will only cause himself a great deal of pain. A nice touch, no?"

She moved over to a huge rack on the wall, containing several dozen assorted whips. Gerda, meanwhile, aware of her role, macked across in front of the slave to allow him to see her in all her sinister glory. She was pleased to hear a muffled groan issue from the gagged face.

Isabella returned, holding the white apron and a short but very thin whip. Loudly, for the slave's benefit, she said: "Allow me to strap on your whipping apron, Mistress Gerda, you mustn't get blood over your costume."

Gerda accepted the whip, then slipped the high bib of the heavy white rubber apron over her head and felt Isabella tighten the three straps at the back so that she was now tightly encased in shining white rubber down to her booted ankles. She bent her legs slightly to ease the greased dildos, feeling so randy as they macked inside her she wondered if she would be able to carry out the full punishment without taking a massive Pleasure.

Isabella signalled to the Instructor, who came forward and ceremoniously lifted the short skirt and tucked it under the heavy strap holding down the slave's buttocks. His heavy latex whipping suit had the entire bottom cut out and the white skin bulged out and upwards, offering itself for dreaded punishment.

Isabella walked in front of his head, her gleaming black vinyl figure only inches away. "Slave 19," she intoned, "you know your sins and you must now suffer the consequences by being duly punished. Mistress Gerda will carry out your whipping. Thirty strokes on your bare bottom, the final five to be at maximum strength. You will then be taken to the hospital for treatment and given forty-eight hours free of all training. I hope this will teach you a lesson and that I shall not have the pleasure of your company again."

She nodded to Gerda, who moved closer and carefully measured her whip against the bared bottom and aligned herself level with his chest so that the strokes would fall evenly across both cheeks of his arse. She lifted her whipping arm and felt a surge of delight as her tight apron gave a faint rustic and her Rod moved fractionally inside her. She brought the whip down almost gently across the exposed bottom.

The slave gave a slight jerk, but uttered no sound. Gerda lashed again, this time harder and was pleased to see the whip crack exactly across the tight bottom, now turning red.