Chapter 1


When Gerda returned to her quarters at nine a.m., she found Maria anxiously fussing around and completing their packing. She handed Gerda a sealed envelope.

"The car and chauffeur's arrived, Mistress, he asked me to give you this letter from the Baroness Oblonska and said he would appreciate it if we could leave by noon. He also gave me the outfits which Madam wants us to wear for the journey."

Relaxed and still sleepy, Gerda took a cup of coffee into the bathroom and lay back in the warm bath, wondering what lay ahead of her. She was excited by the challenge of becoming a Mistress, but scared that she would not have the cruelty to inflict severe punishments on helpless slaves. Nor had she ever punished a male, except the unfortunate Instructor who had made the horrendous mistake of making an approach to the Executioner.

She dried herself and zipped on a thin rubber caftan, then opened the envelope, interested to learn how Katrina Oblonska would welcome her to the Nice Establishment.


"My dear Gerda (she read), I am delighted that you will be joining my Centre as a Trainee Mistress. The fact that you are a 'trainee' will be our secret and that of Zed, my partner. Officially, you are joining my staff as a fully qualified Mistress. For the first few days, I will give you personal instruction, then gradually you will take up your duties.

"Normally, you will be expected to be available and on duty from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m., but during this period you will find you have several hours free. Each evening you will receive your instructions for the next day, sometimes taking a class, or carrying out some particular training of a slave. One night every week you will take your turn as Night Mistress, where you will superintend the slaves who will be sleeping in the Punishment Dormitory, where they are heavily encased in special sleeping suits and severe bondage.

"I should warn you now that I run a very strict School. My Mistresses are not permitted to converse with the male slaves, apart from giving orders and instructions, and the slightest infraction of any rule must be cruelly punished. The slaves are here to be completely broken down and trained until they are ready to return to their Mistress or Master. (Yes, we have several homosexual slaves.)

"Most of them have been brought here by their wealthy Mistress or Master, to be taught every facet of good and obedient slavehood. We also have some slaves, independently rich, who voluntarily come here to be trained and to be eventually handed over to a Mistress of their choice.

"However, wealth means nothing once they enter the Establishment. Cruelty is our key word and they are made to appreciate their lowly slavehood every second of the day and night. I expect you, therefore, to have no mercy whatsoever when dealing with these creatures.

"Le Comte de Rhislain speaks very highly of your talents. I am most happy to welcome you here, but I must admit that I do not approve of you bringing your own serving-maid. In this Establishment, all the serving-maids are kept in bondage and are in a communal 'pool', so that each day they serve a different Mistress, thus avoiding any personal contact or affection.

"So you must warn your maid that under no circumstances may she chatter or gossip with other serving-maids. Whatever you decree within your own suite is your prerogative, but outside she will be expected to dress and wear the bondage of the Centre.

"Finally, I have sent up two outfits which I hope you will wear upon your arrival, you and your maid. It is a long journey, but I am sure that with your training you will not suffer too much.

"I look forward to greeting you in due course.

La Baroness Katrina Oblonska"


"Son-of-a-bitch," said Gerda, handing the letter to Maria. "Have you looked at the costumes she's sent?"

Maria's masked face looked up at Gerda with careful innocence. "Yes, Mistress. I don't think we will have a very comfortable journey somehow."

Gerda examined the contents of the case with interest, curious to see the psychology of her Mistress Superior for the next three months. Maria's dress was fairly simple. The instructions read: "She will dress in her normal serving-maid outfit, masked and gagged, of course, and when she enters the limousine the chauffeur will enclose her in a rubber bag."

Gerda's own instructions were more sinister.


"You will wear a large Rod and be fully greased. Over your grease-pants put on a heavy latex suit, with gloves attached. Then the full leather suit which I am sending up. The boots are attached and I want this laced up to maximum tightness. The leather hood should go over your own mask, but you may leave this off until my chauffeur informs you of your imminent arrival at the Establishment. At the Italian-French border at Menton, the chauffeur will give you two nunsí habits, purely as a precaution, as with all the tourist traffic there is almost no delay and your car will have a special diplomatic badge displayed.

"You will find food and drink in the back of the limousine, but I expect your maid to be securely gagged upon arrival. Please have a pleasant journey."


With some difficulty Maria lifted out the leather suit Gerda was expected to wear. High-heeled, shiny black boots were attached and formed part of the costume and the main part of the torso consisted of a heavy corset. The suit laced up from the bottom to the high collar. Attached gloves dangled from the sleeves.

"Over my own heavy latex suit?" Gerda queried. "Six hours in that and I'll be a piece of jelly. Never mind, you're going to be nice and comfortable in a rubber bag."

Twenty minutes later Gerda was wearing a no. 8 Rod, with thick grease pants over and a heavy latex suit. The leather outfit fitted perfectly, but very tightly and when Maria had laced it up and tightened the corset belt, Gerda felt as if she was walking in a punishment straitjacket.

They descended to the large entrance hall, where the Executioner was waiting for them, holding a long latex cape which she strapped round Gerda's neck. "Just to keep you pleasantly warm, my slave," she whispered. "Good luck and I will come to visit you in a week."

Maria had already walked out to the car and reluctantly allowed the chauffeur to insert her body into a heavy black rubber sack. He helped her struggle onto the back seat, then tied the collar of the sack tightly round her neck, her arms imprisoned inside, but leaving her masked face sticking pertly out.

Gerda had hoped Le Comte would be there to say goodbye, but there was no sign of him. She knelt obediently in front of the Executioner, then hurried out to the car, walking stiffly in her leather costume, the long cape rustling loudly.

The chauffeur was dressed in a classic uniform, but the breeches and high-necked jacket were made of heavy brown rubber. Impassively he helped Gerda into the back, alongside the helpless Maria. Gerda was glad that the car, an old and beautiful Rolls Royce, had dark glass windows which prevented casual outsiders from seeing the two masked passengers.

The chauffeur drove fast, but it was to be a long ride. Although Gerda had removed the gag, within two hours Maria was writhing inside her thick rubber sack, the sweat streaming from the openings in her mask. Gerda found the thermos and the wrapped sandwiches and fed her maid and forced her to drink an iced martini and tonic water.

After four hours the chauffeur pulled up to the side of the road. "Time to put on your nun's costumes, girls. You're Sisters of a Tibetan Order and always travel with a black veil over your face and covered by your cowl. Just make sure you keep your feet tucked well under your habit."

With difficulty they managed to dress Maria in the long black cotton robe, then the chauffeur attached the black veil across her masked face, pulling the cowled hood tightly over her head. When Gerda was similarly attired, the chauffeur resumed their journey.

"Remember your hands are gloved," he warned Gerda, "So keep them inside your dress. I have your passports in the names of Sister Gerda and Sister Maria, so there should be no problems."

They pulled up at the Italian Customs, behind several other cars. The chauffeur produced their passports and they were waved through. Fifty metres further on they came to the French border. Unexpectedly, the Customs Officer seemed more belligerent.

"Where are you bound for?" he asked the chauffeur.

"The Sacred Heart Convent in Nice, sir."

ďAnything to declare?"

"No, Monsieur, only the personal belongings of the Sisters."

"Open the back, then, please." Gerda felt perspiration running down inside her suit. The two trunks were packed with a variety of rubber costumes not normally worn by nuns. Calmly the chauffeur rustled to the rear and opened the boot of the car. Luckily there were now several cars waiting impatiently behind. The Customs man grunted; to open the trunks it would mean hauling them onto the road. Then he noticed the diplomatic plates. "Very well," he said grumpily, "But why are you wearing such a strange uniform?"

The chauffeur climbed back into his seat. "It's not strange," he said easily, "it's very practical in the rain, sometimes I have to stand by the back door in the wet, you know how slow some of these old ladies are."

Then they were driving off. "Congratulations," Gerda said with enormous relief, "You should have been an actor."

The chauffeur grinned. "I was, Madam, but there are so few roles where one is obliged to wear rubber. This job is more fun and better paid. Besides, we are not breaking any laws and who is a Customs Officer to decide what the good Sisters wear in their cells?"

At another lay-by, they stopped while the robes were removed and packed away. Maria was almost fainting from the heat inside her heavy rubber bag and Gerda felt her own suit mack wetly against her body. The chauffeur appeared quite happy in his thick brown rubber uniform. Reluctantly, remembering Katrina's orders, Gerda laced the leather hood over her own mask.

An hour later they passed by Nice harbour and began to climb up the Corniche outside the town. After several miles they came to large iron gates which were swung open by a janitor and they entered a high-walled estate. They drove several hundred metres up a well-kept driveway and Gerda saw slave 'gardeners' dressed in heavy rubber and masked, tending flower-beds and hedges in the late afternoon sun.

The house was huge and quite magnificent, a chateau built by some crazy millionaire in the late Nineteenth century. From the imposing front entrance it stretched on three floors sideways like a replica of Buckingham Palace. Gerda gave a sigh of relief as the car came to a halt and the chauffeur leapt out to open the door for her.

Baroness Katrina Oblonska came down the wide marble steps to greet them. She was an imposing sight in shining white vinyl breeches, a short Russian-style jacket in the same material, and high-heeled laced-up boots of white leather.

Gerda threw back the latex cloak over her shoulders, then curtseyed stiffly in her tight leather suit and corset, feeling rivulets of sweat run warmly down inside her inner latex suit. She had almost forgotten the thick Rod up her bottom, but it slid a fraction outwards to remind her of its existence. The Baroness nodded at her approvingly, a gracious lady welcoming her guest.

"How nice to see you, Mistress Gerda. I trust you and your servant had a pleasant journey?"

Gerda desperately wanted to pee now, but she sensed the woman was testing her. It was difficult to speak through the tight leather helmet. "Most enjoyable, Madam, your chauffeur is an excellent driver and your limousine was most comfortable. The hours sped by. My maid is somewhat warm in her travelling garment, may I have it removed so that she may assist me?"

Katrina laughed, a low growl of appreciation.

"Very well said, my dear Gerda, I like your attitude. She is, of course, suffering horribly by now and no doubt you are, too. She'll be taken care of in due course. Meanwhile, I'd like you to meet your own personal slave who will escort you to your quarters." She turned and marched up the steps, Gerda following meekly. At the entrance stood a figure at rigid attention. He was dressed in a tight red leather suit, with an attached hood which laced down the back of his head. There were built-in glass eye-pieces, a slit for the mouth and a fitted nose with small breathing holes. The number '40' was stencilled on the forehead of the mask. He wore high black waders, chained to a thick red leather belt. His balls and penis, brought through a small hole in the leather suit, were tightly bound inside a red latex bag. Black rubber gloves were secured at the wrists by wide leather straps.

"This is Hans," the Baroness said mildly, as if introducing a pet poodle. "He is a good slave and will now work only for you. Underneath his leather suit, which is the slaves' working costume, he wears a watertight latex suit and, of course, a Rod. His testicles and penis are kept permanently strapped and inside their little sack, but he will show you the special thick leather pants which he must wear for all Punishments."

Gerda felt embarrassed, her social etiquette for male slaves having been neglected. "Good evening, Hans," she said timidly. "I hope you will enjoy working for me."

Katrina snorted and lifted a short wooden stick which hung by a thong from her belt. She gave the slave a hard whack on his tight balls. Hans grunted but remained absolutely still. "I don't want him to enjoy working for you, Gerda. He only understands severe servitude and intense pain. You must never be lenient with him or he will take advantage and become lazy. Keep him gagged most of the time, I don't want him becoming friendly with your serving-maid. He is young and very strong, it's almost impossible to tire him, so I expect you to keep him in good shape. Whenever you don't need him for an hour or two, send him to the Head Gardener or to the Slave Master, we're building a new wing and Hans was a brick-layer before he entered service here, so we can always keep him working usefully. Hans, you may show your Mistress to her rooms, then bring up her trunks. Gerda, it's nearly seven, I'll expect you in my suite at 8.30 for drinks and to meet some of your Mistress colleagues."

She strode inside with a loud rustle.