Libby swallowed a bit dryly. “Pleased to meet you Sid, I’m Libby.” In the first instance she hadn’t believed what had come out of her own mouth. But those words had poured out easily and then it had hit her. Not as much as Sid’s words had hit her though. He had intimated that he specialised in itches that couldn’t be scratched. That was direct. Her words had been direct and now his words were doubly so. Now there was no doubt that there would be a sexual coming together of the two. No doubt that the two of them had set out their stalls and that there would be a happening. But what the hell, she was a consenting adult, and so was he. They were a big boy and a big girl and this was what it was.

“It’s not easy to scratch my itches, that’s all I’m saying.” Libby had got over her little moment of not believing herself and she was saying it as it was. She wouldn’t have wanted to go into all the detail about how she got sometimes. About how the sexual desire became more important than anything else in her world. She could have told Sid all about it. About how it all became too much for her. About how sometimes, occasionally it all just consumed her. But she didn’t. He didn’t need to know all that. He didn’t need to know jack shit about her. They would have this ‘thing’ tonight and they would part maybe in the morning and they would never see each other again so she didn’t need to give Sid her life story. In fact she concluded in her own mind that the less she said about it the better. “Well, you know there’s more than one way to scratch an itch, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve.” And Sid was smiling. He did a lot of that. The normal Sid smiled as well but it was a different kind of smile. A different intensity to the smile. The dark Sid was intense. Sexually intense. And in fairness, Libby wasn’t giving this man credit for possibly being able to work things out for himself. She most definitely was not giving him credit for knowing a lot more than she was willing to give. Sid was a man who had seen all sides of women, all sides of femininity. He had seen all states of the physical but more than that he had seen all states of the psychological. She wouldn’t have thought for a single second that this man could have known what was going on in her mind or with her body. And he didn’t let on that he knew more. That at this precise time he was working Libby out on a minute basis.

Sid moved his chair closer to Libby’s and she felt a tingle down her spine. She had never felt that before. And the thing was that it was a tingle that fed directly into her sexuality. She could already feel her breath quickening. “I tell you what Libby, let’s play a game. A game where you do nothing except what I tell you. How does that sound?” Sid was introducing games straight away. That was ok - a little bit of dominant and submissive. She could live with that, it was exciting. She’d read about that stuff and she got it. She had had such a day that if she was being honest with herself she would have played any game this man wanted to play. She chewed a little on her bottom lip but at the same time she nodded. And as she nodded she felt his hand sliding up her skirt. “Open your legs Libby, as wide as they will go against that skirt. And keep them just like that.”

Libby swallowed again and she pressed her full lips together and rolled them in. Sid slipped his hand round to the inside of her thighs and he was using the pads of his fingers against the sheerness of the denier nylon. Sid would have seen the flare of her nostrils and he would have sensed the quickening of her breath. He may have even been so close that he could feel her breaths as they came fast and sharp. Her breath washing over him. What would the big boss say now? Not even an hour ago Libby was the bell of the ball. She was the star being invited in to a lucrative law firm partnership. But she was being taken as far from that now as she could possibly be. But this was her private life. This was what she had to deal with. Her work wasn't even in her mind now. In fact that was the furthest thing from her mind. It was the weekend and she was escaping. Just for this night she was escaping like she had never escaped before.

Sid found the broad elasticated top of one stocking and he just held his fingers there. Just held them there as though he was threatening to spill those fingers over the edge of that elastic and to the soft pale flesh of the very upper thigh. “You know Libby, if you do what I say, I can scratch that itch for you. I can scratch it, or I can make the itch more. Your choice. What do you want?” And he slipped his fingers over to her naked flesh above stocking top. And then he was moving his fingers round in circles. Little circles. Very light circles. And he was moving those fingers towards her crotch. All the time getting closer and with each circle he was getting closer. All the way up until he was almost touching the crease where the thigh moved into the role of her sexuality. But not touching. Not giving her the benefit of having her most delicate flesh touched not even through the thinness and through the micro silk of the panties that she was wearing. She leaned forward keeping her ass firmly planted in the seat, keeping her feet and knees as wide as she could and she pressed her lips together again. This time she was looking right into Sid’s eyes. The trouble was it was the dark Sid in there. The further trouble was that she didn’t know anything about dark Sid, not just yet. “Scratch it for me.”

Libby’s breathing was more laboured, more intense than ever as she got those words out. And Sid trailed a nail of his index finger up the centre of the crotch of Libby’s panties and she sucked in a deep breath straight away. That one stroke of the nail made her realise how wet and slippery she was down there. For some reason there was an intense, a very intense burst of pleasure that had accompanied that stroke of the nail. And Sid held the nail there. Just pressed into the silk of the panties and into the bundle of nerve endings that made up her clitoris. The thing was that he didn’t move that nail from there. He just pressed it, not hard, not roughly. He just used a little bit of pressure there and held it there so that Libby sucked in breath, let it out and repeated time after time. “See Libby, I know things about girls like you. I know things. That’s why I can scratch the itch. That’s why I can scratch the itch for you today and at the same time I will know that you will want me to do it again and again and again.”

Sid was using his knowledge of women to get under Libby’s skin. And there was no doubt that he knew women. He knew them physically and he knew them emotionally. This was a man who knew women on several levels - actually on all levels. He moved his finger, just a little bit to alter the exact point of pressure on the clitoral nerves and Libby whimpered. And it was as though she realised that she had whimpered wetly from between her lips because her hand shot across her mouth as though she were preventing any more of those whimpers from escaping. Sid moved his finger again and Libby’s eyes bulged. Then there was another movement. One swift movement of his hand. The removal of the clitoral pressure first of all, and then a twisting of the fingers into the crotch of the panties and then a sharp pull so that in that one movement they were ripped from Libby. She let out a little squeal. It was a squeal of shock that one second her panties were there, covering her modesty and the next they were gone.