Ruth got out of her car and looked up and down the quiet street. It was a Saturday in spring and some people were out in their gardens while others were piling into their cars to go shopping. A few had perhaps left early to go to the football match in town. But everywhere looked so utterly normal!

She liked moments like these and took a few seconds to savour the feeling of air circulating beneath her skirt and cooling her pussy which was always dangerously moist just before she entered her master’s house. When she had renewed her car a few months back she had deliberately gone for dark upholstery to hide any damp patches that the usual ‘no knickers’ order might cause. Fortunately the choice of skirt colour was left up to her so she could safely wear back or dark blue skirts – just so long as they weren’t below the knee. But on the other hand he didn’t like her looking too tarty either, so she was spared having to tug down bum scarves when she got out of the car. At twenty-nine she was a mature woman, he told her, and he liked her to attend on him dressed like one.

So here she was; in front of his comfortable, detached house on a road which, she suspected, was home to account managers and systems analysts with maybe a scattering of solicitors. And she was naked under her skirt and was about to have things done to her that would shock and horrify the solid citizenry all around her. Yes, she loved these moments when outwardly she presented a picture of respectable femininity, she wore a perfectly reasonable grey sweater over a black, tailored skirt finishing some two inches above the knee. The welts of the dark stockings were safely out of sight. What she considered her best assets – her thirty-eight DD breasts – were safely supported and cradled in a light coloured bra that hardly betrayed its presence beneath her sweater.

But underneath her clothes Ruth was, at times like this, and today was no exception, a cauldron of down and dirty lust. In a few minutes she would be naked and her master would be taking his pleasure with her body in any way he chose. All control and all choices would be stripped away from her and the blessed relief of helplessness would be hers.

And yet all around her people would be getting on with their everyday lives while her master would be winding a cocoon of wild pleasure around them that no one could penetrate. If he was feeling in a good mood, she would be allowed to orgasm freely and would love it. But equally she would love it if he forbade her to orgasm, any demonstration of his total control was to be treasured as far as Ruth was concerned.

She curbed her thoughts as she felt the heat build in her belly. He was always amused at how wet she was when she entered his house, but it wouldn’t do to orgasm the moment he touched her. However, the thought of his fingers finding their way into her at the start of the session nearly undid her good intentions so she hoisted her bag onto her shoulder and strode towards the house, her heels clacking loudly on the quiet suburban street. As she approached the front door she took out his house keys. She had given herself to her master just over a year before and for the past six months he had trusted her with keys.

“I don’t see any reason now why your arrival should interrupt me in any way. You may let yourself in and find me. I shall take things from there,” he had told her.

She duly let herself in and went into her ritual.

Once inside the door she put her bag down and retrieved her collar from it then buckled it firmly around her neck. It was her pride and joy, soft leather with hand sewn cushioning at the top and bottom so that it couldn’t chafe her when buckled on tight. And she liked things buckled and tied tight, it was the physical confirmation that she had no control over what was to happen to her and that excited her. The wrist cuffs were the same; comfortable and tight.

Once she had them on, she pulled her sweater off, smoothed down her hair and then removed her bra but retained her skirt, stockings and shoes. Those had been her orders for today. The putting on of collar and cuffs immediately she set foot inside the house was the permanent core of the ritual, the rest varied on each occasion. Once she had had to strip completely and go upstairs and stand behind a lace curtain overlooking the street and masturbate with the vibrator he kept for her, until he returned home from shopping.