A plain white van pulled up to a steel barred gate and the driver punched a code into the keypad next to his window. The twin gates swung inward and the vehicle drove through them and down the long winding road that led to the secluded estate situated on the vast property. One mile down the private driveway the large three story Victorian mansion came into view, but the van turned at a fork that directed it toward the rear of the large residence.

It pulled up to a pair of windowless steel double doors that led directly into the basement. The house was built on a steep slope that led down to a river a half a mile behind it, so the doors opened directly onto the rear driveway. The van swung around and backed up to them. As the driver exited the vehicle the doors opened and two men walked out of the basement.

As the driver came around the van, he said, “Hey guys, I have two for you.”

“Hi George, you are a little earlier than scheduled,” Steve, the blonde man, said.

“Started out early since the load was ready last night, everything is crated, all we need is the dolly,” George answered.

Davis, a man with black hair that was peppered with gray, along with an even whiter beard, said, “I’ll get it, you two can get them unstrapped.”

While Davis went back inside to retrieve the dolly, Steve and George released the straps holding the two wooden crates to the floor of the van. Each was six feet long by three feet in both height and width, like a pair of old wooden coffins. By the time Davis returned with the long four wheeled flatbed cart, the two men had released the crates. The van’s floor had built in rollers so it was easy to slide each crate out and place it onto the cart. It was not wide enough to lay them side-by-side, so they stacked them.

Davis handed George an envelope with two grand in it and took the paperwork for his cargo before he and Steve pulled the cart into the basement. Once the van was gone and they were inside the plain square room within the doors, Davis looked over the papers he got from the driver. It was a description of each crate’s contents and would determine where they would be delivered.

After perusing the documents, he said to Steve, “Top crate has a spoiled wife, forty-one years old and slated to start in isolation. Bottom one holds a crack whore, but she is only eighteen and is still salvageable. She goes to the infirmary for a full detox.”

“Yes Sir, which one do you want me to deliver?” Steve asked.

“You take the whore, but first help me get the entitled bitch onto her own cart.”

After moving the top crate down to its own dolly the two men parted company with Steve taking the elevator up to the first floor infirmary and Davis wheeling his load to the back of the enormous basement. The two women brought here were from completely opposite backgrounds, but both were going to be trained with a singular goal. They had arrived at Covington’s Academy of the Submissive Arts, a place were women from all backgrounds came to learn how to serve, in ways most people would never even consider. But the couple that ran this place never failed to produce their intended result and the two new recruits would soon learn that lesson.

Chapter 1: Introductions


As the van carrying the new trainees entered the property, Miles and Olivia Covington were having coffee in their bedroom. They sat by the bay window looking out over their grand estate, ready to introduce another pair of trainees to their new lives. There was a buxom blonde lying on the floor beside them. She was naked, hogtied, and hooded after a long night of demonstrating her submission to them. She had arrived much like one of the new trainees, a spoiled and haughty bitch, but now she was a compliant and eager slut. Her husband/owner was on the way to pick her up, her training complete with the Covington’s, but it was just the beginning of her new life as his obedient slave.

After enjoying the first sip of her dark roast coffee, Olivia said, “I am sure Mr. Cartwright will be happy with his new and improved spouse.”

“Yes he will, after last night I am sure she knows what he expects and will do her best to behave herself. Isn’t that right slut?” Miles answered, tapping his slipper against the large disc protruding from the plug filling her rectum.

The bound woman moaned, “MMMMM HMMMM,” while also nodding in total agreement. She used to think about getting revenge on her husband and the evil couple who were training her, but now all she could think about was earning their favor. It took almost a month for her to lose her resolve, but in the two following months she progressed nicely and turned out better than they had initially anticipated.

“It’s always nice when a slut accepts her true calling,” Olivia mused.

“I know how much you enjoy bringing the arrogant ones to heel, so I have a surprise for you my dear,” Miles said, while handing her a folder.

Olivia opened it and her eyes went wide just before she smiled and looked up at her husband, “Charisma? Really? Has Justin finally come to his senses?”

“Apparently so, and I am sure you will have a fine time bringing her down a few pegs. He has also provided a list of what he wants. Take a look under her stat sheet.”

Olivia lifted the paper that detailed Charisma’s basic physical condition and smiled even more broadly when she saw what Justin wanted. “Oh my! She must have pissed him off one too many times. Thank you dear this will be fun. Now tell me about the other one they are delivering today.” She loved it when he surprised her like this.

“Well, you have not had a toy of your own since we sent Chloe off to the Sheik. I know how fond of her you were, but his offer was just too large to pass up, so I had Joel out prowling for a replacement. He found one a few days ago and her crack-dealing pimp gave her up for just a couple of grand. Take a look.” He said, handing her the dossier.

After reviewing the scant information they had on this one, Olivia looked up and said, “How long has she been addicted?”

“Only a few months, Joel checked her out and says her teeth are still good. Her pimp says he picked her up at a bus depot, fresh from the farm. He had her addicted and turning tricks within a week. But since it was only for a few months and she’s just nineteen, she should bounce back nicely.”

“We will need to run a full blood panel, who knows what diseases she may have picked up along the way. But as long as she is HIV free, we can correct any other nasty bugs. You are such a dear, finding a replacement for my favorite cunt licker with a girl who looks just like her, how sweet of you!”

Olivia put the dossiers down and stood up, opening her robe as she did. When she had Miles’ full attention, she said, “Perhaps I can show my husband how much I appreciate him before we get to work?” Olivia was forty-two, six years younger than her husband, but she kept her body in perfect shape. She was five-foot-nine and weighed only a hundred and twenty-five pounds all packaged in a 38-28-34 inch frame. She had natural D cups breasts with large areolas, a flat belly, and a small well-trimmed muff of burnt orange above her shaved sex lips. It matched her fiery red hair, all of it fully displayed for Miles’ pleasure at the moment.

“You may begin by kneeling between my legs and sucking my cock, it will need a little coaxing after last night’s gymnastics,” Miles said, while turning his chair and parting his thighs to provide her access. Though Olivia was mainly a dominant, and a very strict one at that, she did submit to her husband fairly often. As she knelt down before him and took his flaccid member between her lips, she felt the thrill of submission she allowed herself when servicing him.

They had been together for almost ten years now and she could think of no other place she wanted to be, Miles had given her a life better than she ever dreamed. He came from old money, lots of it, when he found her managing a high-end clothing shop. Olivia had quickly worked her way up and was a well-paid manager before she was thirty. But there was an instant chemistry when they met. Given he walked in on her when she was sternly reprimanding an employee, and liking the way she comported herself, he asked her out after just a short chat.

What made their first date unique, and set the pattern for their eventual bonding, was the BDSM club he took her to that night. At first she was shocked, but once she saw what was going on inside, Olivia found a sense of excitement that had been absent in her life. Miles introduced her to a submissive woman that he liked to play with, and Olivia joined him in dominating the sweet little thing all night long. It was the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship.

But afterward he took her to his place and Olivia found that, while he enjoyed dominating another woman with her, he then wanted her to submit to him. She was so aroused and eager to feel him inside her that she allowed him to tie her to the bed. She then tasted the excitement of helpless arousal, and by making sure that she reached a level of passion she would never forget, Miles exposed her dichotomous nature. Though she enjoyed being dominant with other women, her submission to Miles had its own allure and it forged their decade long kinky romance.

Now, as she lovingly sucked his cock, Olivia knew her life was charmed. She was with a man who could feed her need to dominate women while satiating her need to submit to him. While she swallowed his nine-inch member Olivia felt both submissive and empowered by Miles, knowing that once she pleased him she would be off to tend to the trainees who would nourish her sadistic side. For now though, Olivia just enjoyed Mile’s cock filling her throat, still amazed more by the thickness of his potent shaft than the length, which was impressive too.

Olivia started slowly, but was soon throating his shaft like a voracious slut, waiting for him to gesture for her to mount and ride him. But this time he apparently decided her oral attentions were enough, soon pumping his load down her throat. Times like these, when he took his pleasure and gave her none, were rare, but she rightly guessed he was leaving her wanting to fuel her arousal when she began her training of the new sluts. After draining his member and tucking his cock back into his pants, Olivia rocked back onto her heels and looked up at him.

Miles looked down at her smiling, as he said, “That was wonderful my dear. Now why don’t you head down to the infirmary and meet your new toy, while I see to it that our dear Charisma is situated for her stay with us. I will also see to it that the slave on the floor is readied for her Master’s arrival this evening.”

“You are so sweet my love, I must admit that I have missed the benefits of my own personal slave. I do hope this one is not too much trouble to train, almost as much as I hope Charisma strongly resists her fate. Is Dr. Wong ready for her?” Olivia replied.

“Of course, she has been fully briefed. Davis and I will get Charisma tucked into her cell, while you unpack your new pet. Also, please tell Steve to meet me in the gym to get this one ready,” he said, gesturing to the hogtied woman on the floor next to Olivia.

“Yes Sir!” Olivia said with the predatory gleam in her eyes that spoke of the fire that drove her and made her such a cruel Mistress to her slaves.  She got to her feet and kissed Miles on the forehead before bolting for her dressing room.

Miles released the chain holding the wrists to the ankles of the slave on the floor before lifting her up onto her feet, using a fistful of her hair as a handle. Her muscles were stiff and sore, but she only whimpered a little when he lifted her up and put her belly over his shoulder. She offered no resistance when he carried her down to the gym to get her ready for her Master’s arrival.