Excerpt from: “Nightmare in White”


The day before Tess Whitcher is to marry Dominic Mountguard, his brothers Sebastian and Tristan, together with their wives, arrive unexpectedly early at her flat to help her pack and take her back to their country estate for the wedding.  But there is something odd about the women’s behaviour that alarms Tess.  Then the men start talking about a traditional pre-wedding ceremony she has to undergo.  She demands answers…


‘I thought we might have trouble with this one,’ Tristan said.  ‘I told Dom she was wilful, but he said she’d come round.’

‘Looks like were going to have to introduce her to the Mountguard tradition earlier than we thought,’ Sebastian said, patting the capacious pockets of his shooting jacket meaningfully.

Tristan pulled something out of his jacket pocket, but kept it balled up in his fist so Tess could not make out what it was.  ‘Good thing we came prepared, then,’ he said. 

‘The sooner she learns her place the better,’ Sebastian agreed.

Tess was gaping at them in disbelief, hardly able to believe her ears.  ‘What did you say…?’ she began. 

Tristan reached forward, took hold of a fistful of her hair and rammed something into her open mouth even as it opened to scream.

Tess felt a sponge rubber ball expand behind her teeth, pressing her tongue down and stifling her cry.  Before she could think, Tristan spun her round, and pushed her face down onto the floor and pulled her arms up behind her.  She felt her hands being pulled through a figure-of-eight loop of wire, which was then pulled tight about her wrists like handcuffs!

Between them, Tristan and Sebastian hauled her to her feet and then bent her over the end of her dining table.  While Tristan held her hair and the back of her neck, pushing her face against the polished wood, Sebastian lifted the trailing ends of her dressing gown, throwing it up over her back and bound hands, and then her nightshirt, exposing her bare bottom.  Tess shrieked again into her rubber ball gag in fear and anger and kicked out wildly, gazing his leg.


Sebastian’s big, strong hand had struck her bare buttocks full on, making her soft flesh ripple.  ‘Mountguard women don’t kick their men when they’re being punished,’ he told her sternly.

Tess shrieked again as her eyes filled with hot salty tears.

Smack, smack, smack! Half a dozen more times he struck her, the crisp sound of flesh on flesh ringing back from the walls.

Tess jerked and squirmed helplessly against the tabletop, dizzy with fear, rage and disbelief.  Nobody had ever spanked her before in her life!  Her bottom felt as if it was on fire.  Almost as bad was the outrageous humiliation of it all.  How dare they lay a finger on her!  Through tear-filled eyes she saw Melissa and Rachel standing meekly in the corner of the room with their heads lowered, watching furtively.  How could they let their men treat her like this?

‘Mountguards don’t like their women being too inquisitive or argumentative,’ Sebastian said as he spanked Tess relentlessly.  ‘They do as they’re told, understand?’

‘If you’re going to be Dominic’s wife, then you’d better learn your place fast,’ Tristan added. Still holding her head down with one hand, with the other he pulled her nightdress further up, exposing more of her haunches.  Sebastian paused his spanking long enough for his brother to rub an appreciative hand over her burning buttocks.  ‘Nice arse,’ he commented.  ‘Dom will have fun with that…’

Tess snivelled and sobbed, twitching feebly.  How could they do this to her?  What kind of monsters were they?

Another smack from Sebastian stilled her feeble struggles. ‘Keep still or I’ll take the skin off you!’ he warned her. Tess’s squirming subsided into a helpless terrified shiver, while her hot buttocks blazed.  ‘That’s better,’ Sebastian continued. ‘That’s what today’s ceremony is all about: teaching you how to do as you’re told and know your place.

‘We promised we’d get you there one way or another,’ said Tristan.  ‘How hard it will be, is up to you.’

‘I think I’d better get the plugs into her so she gets used to it as soon as possible,’ Sebastian said.

‘Best thing,’ Tristan agreed.

Sebastian pulled something out of his jacket pocket and then he slapped Tess’s trembling thighs.  ‘Spread your legs,’ he commanded.  Miserably she obeyed.

She felt the heads of a pair of rubber knobs pressing into the cleft of her pussy and the tight pucker of her anus.  Sebastian pushed hard and the twin heads opened her up, stretching her sphincter wide and shouldering apart her labia.  And then the shafts they were mounted on slid up inside her.  Two close-set lengths of thick rubber dildo rod penetrated her vagina and rectum.   Sebastian fiddled about between her legs and Tess screamed into her gag again as she felt sharp metal teeth biting into her labia.  The jaws were somehow connected to the twin prongs, holding them in place. 

‘All right, I’m ready.  You can let her up to now…’ Sebastian said.

Tristan loosened the wire cuffs and pulled them off her wrists, then he let go of her hair.

Shakily, Tess pushed herself off the table and fearfully reached between her legs to try to tear the thing out of her…

Eeeek!  She shrieked into her gag as a terrible hot stabbing pain filled her pussy and rectum and made her hips spasm wildly.  She collapsed onto the floor kicking convulsively.  Again she reached between her legs and again the terrible pain tore through her insides, making her jerk convulsively while her passageways seemed to fill with sensation of hot needles been hammered into her.

‘Work it out for yourself, you stupid tart,’ Tristan said with contempt.

Panting frantically, Tess made herself lay still.  Through bleary eyes, she saw Sebastian was holding a compact remote handset at the ready.  She peered between her legs and saw the ends of the shafts inside her had metal studs on them.  They were joined together by a moulded block of high impact black plastic.  Screw clamps attached to this block bit into her dribbling, throbbing, inner labia.

‘We use this to keep our women in training,’ Sebastian said.  ‘They can even wear it in public and nobody else knows.  Now, unless you want your pussy and arse zapped again, stand up!’  And he held a warning finger over a button on the handset.

Sobbing, Tess scrambled to her feet.

‘Take your clothes off!’ Sebastian snapped. 

Trembling, sick and bushing furiously, Tess obeyed. 

When she was naked, he commanded: ‘Clasp your hands behind your neck, spread your legs, push your tits out and stand straight!’

Again, she obeyed.  Sebastian and Tristan walked around her, nodding in approval, will she swayed before them, feeling sick and dizzy.  She was acutely aware of her blazing bottom cheeks and the twin pronged shock machine plugged into her passageways.  She felt slippery wetness around it prongs and realized that her nipples were standing up.  Fresh shame was heaped upon her fear but she could not stop herself.  The horror of it was also perversely arousing.

‘Very nice,’ Tristan commented.  ‘Good udders…’  He flicked her hard nipples, making her whimper.  ‘At least they’ve got the right idea.  They’re there to be shown off and played with. I think she’ll respond well to training…’

‘Of course she will,’ Sebastian said confidently.  ‘They always do in the end…’