Chapter 1


What a weird dream that was, Drew mused, her eyes reluctantly half open.  She shifted her head to one side on the pillow, rubbed one inner corner of her eye, then the other with the same fingertip.

The woman in her dream was undeniably Empusa: a self-styled vampire, low-budget exploitation video actress, fetish model and professional BDSM mistress.  A cult underground celebrity with many websites devoted to her alone.  In her mid-twenties?  She was there chimerically with long straight blue-black hair in the style of her vampiric alter ego, pale milk skin, huge pendulous breasts undraped and sweaty in the cleavage.  Completely nude, she was a jerk-off’s queen: absurdly hourglass feminine, cushiony lips, a meaty ass with wide hips and big thighs to crunch the flanks of any lucky man she allowed atop of her. 

Memories of the Empusa dream came to Drew in such strong visual detail she found herself replaying it methodically from beginning to end, head on the corner of her pillow.  Empusa knocking her head back, forcing out a strangled bleat like she was nearing the heights of a colossal orgasm.  Then let her chin drop, a hungry gaze creeping down Drew’s naked front.  Drew had sensed her bare ass getting groped, digits pressing hard into her tender skin.  The hand inside her front crevice balled into a fist. 

Her eyes opening wide her stare centred on Empusa’s face – the big lips turned up into a degenerate sneer.  Then something flashed across the twisted features.  Gone in a moment that hadn’t lasted as long as a full second, but the face and attributes of an attractive, chisel-featured man had stuck in Drew’s brain.  He was there and then he wasn’t, as seen at the corner of an eye in the midst of an LSD moment. 

Another flash came like a laser projection on Empusa’s skin - Drew caught defined pecs and a six-pack stomach.  And she felt a member in her slit, the play of an enormous shaft brushing through her eased back outer lips.  The fist/penis twisted round in a circular motion like Empusa/the well-endowed porno stud wanted to open out the entrance to Drew’s inner sanctum through simple force.  Hard muscled pecs/massive saline-filled breasts rubbed up and down against Drew’s hard nipples. 

Drew groaned in pleasure, yelped in pain.  The fist thrust up into her opened up vagina, a deep punch making Drew’s eyes bulge out of the sockets.  She mouthed a blasphemy.  Cried for the Judeo-Christian maker with a big O! 

In a split-second – so fast Drew didn’t catch Empusa pull out her fist or get out the bright red plastic paddle she now brandished – Empusa straightened out to become bolt upright, seemingly much taller, sizing her up looking down.  A slow, drifting gaze it skimmed wantonly over pubes, small breasts and young, teenage face.   Empusa grinned maliciously.

“Slave,” she said – the voice boomed with a distinctive hellish echo, the way a B-movie Satan might talk, “are you ready to serve the divine Empusa?”

Drew’s reply, a breathless pant in the affirmative, whizzed by.

“To serve the divine Empusa you must know what pain is.  Are you worthy of me, you worthless piece of-  The chilling voice trailed off.  Empusa’s hard, evil face suddenly morphed into the imperious mask of the true to life BDSM video actress/performer.  “Girl, you were very rude to our guests tonight.  And I stressed how important it was to me that I made a good impression.” The dialogue the stilted trash typical of BDSM porno in whatever format.

Drew became acutely aware they were in a dining room she’d never been in before.  For the first time her surroundings were a feature, given form, detail and surface.  Like the graphic paddle – the red matching Mistress Empusa’s sharp spike shoes and her painted toe nails – with its big moulded seat the size of a badminton racket head, light glinted off the shiny plastic. 

“- bend over right now, young lady!” intoned like the matronly mistress of fantasy lore, the headmistress or Lady of the ancestral manor.  “I won’t tell you again!”

At some point Drew had acquired a white shirt and school tie, a knee-length tartan skirt.  Realised she was wearing underwear because bending forward she felt the governess’ fingers inside the band as the briefs were roughly yanked down.  Elastic snapped on the backs of her calves.  Then seamlessly the paddle cracked on her ass – the sound the blow on her flesh made was loud.  The young schoolgirl Drew had suddenly become squealed.  Automatically her hands went for her hot cheeks.

“You keep your hands away from there this very minute!  If you know what’s good for you!” the governess roared.

With a mighty understroke she sent the paddle through the air - Drew clenched her buttocks. 

Then her head jerked up, she’d blinked, sunlight hitting her face blindingly from one side. 

Coming out of her waking dream in her narrow bed she turned back toward the curtained window.  Glanced across past the foot of her mattress to her sister’s bed.  Empty.  There were sounds, maybe the same kind that had woken her up in the first place.  The whiz of leather Drew instantly visualised as a strap travelling fast through the air.  Then the pained cry of little Gina, her younger sister.

Swinging her legs out of bed Drew heard her step-mom’s voice coming through the wall.  She was bawling, “You’re crying like a baby and I’m not even hitting you hard.  Just because you’re making so much noise you think I’m going to stop?”

Drew made for the door, didn’t stop till she was halfway into her step-mom’s bedroom.  On the bed her sis was on her knees, arms stretched in front of her, bound by the wrists to the posts of the headboard.  She looked behind her with fear.  In place, her feet apart, the stout step-mom stood; in her right hand a leather belt.  She brought the instrument high up by her head and shot a glance at the girl’s bare ass cheeks.  The girl’s pyjama bottoms were down, bunched up by her ankles, the top raised so that much of the back was exposed.

A fast blow slashed across Gina’s up to till then barely marked cheek.  The shapely round skin there suddenly hot and red.  On the other bun the step-mom had concentrated her task.  The firm butt-cheek was flushed, crisscrossed with the red imprints of a dozen punishing strikes.

Drew cried out for her step-mom to stop with a shriek.  But didn’t stop the belt falling hard on the reddening bump.  Turning her shoulders slightly to the eldest in her care, the step-mom explained: she can’t afford to be lenient with the girl, otherwise she won’t be deferred from her sinful ways.  She said all this with a half smile.  Then turned her attention back to the youngest, hitting the young slender buttocks so vigorously the loud meaty slap could be heard downstairs.  Her sister’s sobs made Drew sick inside.  She wished she had the power to make her stepmother stop.

“You’re going to tell me anything you did with that boy!” the plump woman suddenly bawled.  “And then you’re going to say you repent, as God is my witness!”

“Are you tripping?  I loved what the two of us did,” said Gina sulkily.  “Like I’m going to say sorry for that?”

“You wicked whore!” the step-mom cried, swinging the strap at her step-daughter’s well marked right cheek. 

The girl’s yelp sounding especially pronounced as she got a taste of the buckle, the metal point nicking her ass.  The belt snapped back then was sent out again.  It caught the girl high on a tight upturned bun, a vicious crack that added a streak of blood to the leather. 

“Did he touch you, touch you there?” the hefty woman hollered.

Stinging as much as her bum was, Gina retorted defiantly, “Gee mom, let’s get real.  Course he touched me there!  I had him stuff his gorilla-sized dick up my cunt – I made pretty sure he weren’t going home till he let go of his load.  And he shot that deep inside of me!”

The truth, so vivid and stark, shocked the step-mom into temporary paralysis.  It lasted no more than half a minute. 

“In the time of our Saviour Jesus Christ whores like you were stoned to death.  In belting you to as near death as possible I’d be doing Almighty God a great service.”

“What’re you spewing?” the girl returned impudently.  “Like the only reason you’re putting on this Jesus Christ shit, is cause you’re upset it wasn’t you on the end of Zack’s fuck pole!”

Given the spur the step-mom reacted accordingly.  The way she started flinging the leather belt in rushed angry bursts suggested the attacks on Gina’s firm-assed flesh wouldn’t stop until exhaustion kicked in – that or the girl passing out.  The wild blows were so hard each time they connected Gina’s head jolted back; her grunts of pain were just as frequent.

“Stop mom, please stop it!” Drew shouted frantically, tears not only in her sister’s eyes.  “You’re hurting her!”

“The little whore deserves it!” the step-mom yapped through twisted lips – they looked close to forming a smile but the overall effect was too ugly for that.  The ferocity of her attack was sustained.  “I’m doing God’s work – she’s got to learn the ways of our Lord and take her punishment!”

“You and your God, jump up my ass!” the last word getting an emphasis more stressed than originally intended, as the belt hit Gina on the fleshiest part of her ass, low on her cheeks.  Her eyes brimmed with tears but she didn’t spill any.

The step-mom began calling the girl a dirty whore again and again, a curse concurrent with a swish of leather.  Gina’s groans of pain were little different than screams.  On a swing of her big broad hips, the plump woman’s enormous breasts jounced freely in her loose blouse as the belt whacked the girl’s firm behind.  As if possessed her step-mom aimed the belt at the same place on the young bum over and over.  A crazed glint flashed in her eyes; the precise blows both widened and deepened a bloodied weal.  Strike after strike, with an accuracy and power that used up so much energy her heavy breathing was heard by each of them in the room.

Even though the girl swayed her hips, trying to slip the belt, it fell where the step-mom wanted it.  Now and then she emitted a coarse grunt.  Though her breath was significantly strained, the speed of the belt she threw in anger didn’t appear to slow.  It seemed like she could keep it going for a good while yet.  It felt like flames were roasting Gina’s sore rear end; a red trickle ran down the back of her left thigh and she let out a scream.    

Realising whatever she might say wasn’t going to stop the relentless assault, Drew grabbed her step-mom’s wrist.  The plump woman tightened her grip on the strap, warning the elder sister not to get involved, threatened her with the wrath of God.  Unaccustomed to standing up to their stepmother, Drew’s hands trembled – the situation was so unreal – but seeing her young sister’s bare ass, bright red and trickling blood, Drew wasn’t about to let go.  The pitiful sight of her sister on the bed made her want to cry.  The step-mom tried shaking her arm free, but without success.  Drew could smell the sweat in the woman’s armpits.  Before the plump woman got the belt in her other hand Drew snatched the leather strip and ran to the other end of the room.

“You give me the belt back now, young lady!” the step-mom commanded, taking a pace in Drew’s direction. 

Red in the face and her head slightly lowered, the girl quailed, “I won’t!”

“You should be the one helping me, not HER!” She glanced up from looking at the girl tied to the bed and threw Drew an indignant glare.  But something in the way the older sister was standing, the belt brandished in a way that made the stepmother think she might use it if challenged any further, kept her from taking another step.  “You’re doing the devil’s work, young lady.  I’m going to ask our Merciful Lord to forgive you – for her I fear it might be too late,” the step-mom concluded and left the bedroom in a huff.

“Fucking bitch,” Gina remarked, Drew untying her from the headboard.  “The only reason she’s so pissed is cause she ain’t getting none.”

“You reckon?” Drew asked with complete sincerity.

“Like some guy’s gonna want to drop his load in that dried-up pussy.  Thanks, sis, I owe you one.”

Gina, her arms unbound, was careful not to sit back on her bare seat.  Drew said they better go to their room before their step-mom changed her mind.  Then she’ll find some after-sun cream to soothe her little sister’s punished behind.  Coming back from the bathroom cabinet Drew walked over to her sister.  On her bed the younger girl lay on her hip.  The girl’s bum was so bruised and the heat so strong, she didn’t dare bring up her panties and let them cling to her cheeks.  So she left her buns bare.  She quickly found out even bending and stretching caused her discomfort when the marked skin stretched across her round domes. 

Seeing her big sister enter with the after-burn lotion Gina slowly rose onto her knees, careful not to graze her sore bum on the bed sheets.  With the touch of her sister’s hand and the initial sting the cream brought as it rubbed into her cut skin, Gina could not stop herself from screaming. 

“And y’know what?” she said, “I think she really enjoys whipping my ass.  Betcha the old bitch gets off on it.  Once she’s done bet she waits till we’re gone then frigs herself off like crazy.”

“Shush,” Drew responded, an amused smile across her lips, her fingertips smearing lotion lightly on her sister’s wounds, “she might hear you.”  Paused half a minute, her fingers running over bruised and flushed butt cheeks while her sister groaned faintly.  “Is it true what you said, y’know, you and Zack?”  Her voice so slight it made her sound like a little girl.  But there was no infantile innocence in the lust playing on her frisky eyes.  “You can’t have done it with him?  C’mon, tell me!  What was it like?”