Chapter One


Jenny screamed and bit on the balled-up pair of her own panties that were stuffed into her mouth like gag, as the holly switch slashed once again across her large, pale, bare breasts, making them quiver and heave.  Jenny’s naked body bucked and jerked against the ropes that bound her spread-eagled to the pair of old wooden pallets that rested on a crude plinth of mouldering straw bales in the middle of the dilapidated barn.   Her muffled cries echoed back from its weather-worn lapped timber walls, unheard by any other ears save for those of her assailant.

Through tear-filled, disbelieving eyes, Jenny looked up into Duncan Medway’s face, searching for some explanation.  But all she saw in the contorted features of her old High School English teacher was delight at her suffering.  He must have gone mad! 

‘Beg me to screw you, Jenny… then I’ll stop beating you… I know you want it!’ he growled as gazed down lustfully at her writhing naked body.

Jenny was nineteen, pale-complexioned and with a neat, compact stature.  She had shoulder-length brunette hair, an open heart-shaped innocent face, high cheekbones and dark intelligent brown eyes.  Sharply defined prominent nipples that changed from pink to brick red when aroused were set on her large pale breasts so that they jutted upwards when she stood.  She had a supple waist, a flat stomach with a round navel, curvy hips, a deeply-cleft pale bottom, strong shapely legs and dark pubes trimmed back from a pink cleft with pouting inner labia.

All this Duncan took in as he beat her, covering her body from neck to knees with crimson cuts and scratches and stripes.  How could he!   

Like several of the girls in her class, Jenny had always had a bit of a crush on Duncan, with him being only ten years older than them and undoubtedly the fittest looking teacher in the school.  But Duncan had always been nothing but a perfect supportive teacher.  Jenny knew it was his inspiration that had helped her get into college to read English.  And once at college she had even sent him some copies of her work when she wanted advice. 

When she had come back home to Calderwell for Easter, Duncan had called her and suggested that they go for a walk and talk over how well her first year was going.  It had seemed perfectly innocent and Jenny had been delighted.   In her imagination, she had even begun to speculate on romantic possibilities.  They were both adults now with nothing to stop them doing what they liked.  But she had never imagined this!

It was as they had been passing the old Sturgis Farm barn that huddled against the trees at the side of a meadow that Duncan had suddenly suggested they go inside.  It had been completely out of the blue, but for some reason it seemed like a perfectly sensible idea to Jenny.  Inside there were just a few old bales and drifts of composting straw and the pallets tied together, with ropes of braided bale binder cord hanging from them and a holy cane at the ready.  Even as Jenny gazed at them with mild curiosity, Duncan had closed and bolted the door and then picked up a rusty pitchfork with a broken tine that had been leaning against the wall.

‘Don’t speak, just strip and lie down,’ he commanded, prodding her with the pitchfork while his eyes burned and his voice dripped with a menace and power she had never heard before. 

And, perhaps because she was numbed by shock and fear and disbelief, Jenny had obeyed…

The holly switch cut up between her spread legs.  The spines jabbed into her intimate furrow of soft flesh and raked the crinkled tongue of her inner labia that peeped between them.  The pain was too much to bear and a hot jet of pee hissed from Jenny’s burning cleft out over the barn floor.

Duncan laughed at her shame.  ‘Wetting yourself now, are you, Jenny? Just like a careless schoolgirl…’

That was too much to bear.

‘Y…yes!’ she gurgled about her panty-gag in between sobs and shrieks, nodding frantically.  ‘S… screw me… Sir… get it over with… anything but this!’

He dropped the holly switch and tore open his flies, freeing a hard hungry cock.  

Kneeling between her trembling legs with their scratched inner thighs, he mounted her soiled and trembling body with desperate, uncaring passion.  Jenny sobbed as his penis filled her vagina while his triumphal face filled her vision.  His chest grated across her sore and burning breasts and then flattened them under his weight.  How she had fantasised about this moment, and now it had become a cruel, twisted nightmare.

He grunted and thrust, rocking the pallets to which she was bound on their bed of bales.  But the crudeness of his coupling was rousing something primitive within her.  Her beaten nipples were hardening and her vagina was growing wet with lubrication.  His brute male presence could not be denied.

Could she cum even like this, she thought in despair?  Well it would be an escape of a kind.  That was all she wanted right now: to blot it all out, to get far away.  Yes, bring it on! Her vagina clenched as the orgasmic spasm overwhelmed her, even as with a grunt Duncan, ejected his hot seed into her.

And then the air in the barn began to stir.

There was a rustle of straw as it swirled with a whisper that in seconds became a rush and then a howl.  The air filled with a blizzard of straw as it made the timbers of the barn walls creak and rattle.  Duncan pulled out of her with a gasp as he was thrown aside by a raging, roaring funnel of air that was centred on Jenny.

She felt her body lift and the ropes holding her down parted.  Her ears popped and she felt her pussy streaming incontinently as her juices and Duncan’s sperm were sucked out of it by the change of pressure.  Her scream of fear was lost in a torrent of sound and wind as she was spun about and carried upward to be smashed inexorably against the beams of the roof…

Except that, suddenly there was no roof!

The barn and Duncan had vanished and she was tumbling through open air.  She saw a brief confused sparking flash of green that was wiped out by dark boiling clouds flickering with lightning and booming with thunder.  Then the whirlwind was gone and she was falling with a torrent of rain. The ground was rushing up to meet her and she thought she was going to die…



Jenny plunged into a pool of water.  

It could not have been very deep because her feet struck bottom almost immediately.  Desperately she pushed upwards and her head broke the rain lashed surface.  Coughing and spluttering she saw a low bank not far from her.  A few frantic strokes brought her to it and she hauled herself out naked and dripping onto wet grass, where she sprawled panting and trembling in shock.   

Overhead the dark clouds slowly rumbled and rolled away, taking their curtains of rain with them.   She was still soaking wet but the air was mild and, as the rain departed, filled again with the scent of wet earth and blossoms.  A cleft of blue sky and a sliver of silvery sunlight appeared, illuminating her surroundings.  Cautiously, Jenny sat up and looked about her.

She was sitting on the bank of a pond set in what might have been a village green surrounded by low, oddly shaped houses with their own little gardens protected by neat picket fences.  They were all painted in blue and white and had domelike roofs with broad overhanging eaves.  Smaller cowls in the same style sheltered their doors and windows, making them look a little like rows of squat toadstools.

Jenny gazed at the scene stupidly.  It was not Calderwell, but how far could a whirlwind have carried her?  And how many whirlwinds started inside a barn anyway?  It was impossible, but here she was… where ever here was.

There was no one in sight to ask, presumably because they were inside sheltering from the storm.  But now it had passed any residents would soon be emerging.  And she was still stark naked…

And then everything Duncan had done came back to her.  She was aware of the ache in her vagina and she whimpered in grief and confusion as her cheeks burned and her tears flowed again.  Why had he been so inexplicably cruel?  It made no sense.  Then she took a deep breath and wiped her tears away.  She must cope with one thing at a time…  

Two smaller structures set under their own toadstool roofs stood at one end of the green not far from her.  Hoping they might provide some kind of shelter to protect her modesty, Jenny got her feet and walked quickly over to them.

One roof covered a stone plinth with a kind of old-fashioned pillory mounted on it, fitted with additional wooden struts and chains and cuffs.  Beside the device was a low box made of wooden planks dovetailed together.  Fitted to the four sturdy wooden posts that supported the roof over the pillory were hinged and folded wooden beams supporting complicated devices of brass, silver and even glass or clear plastic that she could not make sense of at a glance.  Hanging from hooks beside them was an assortment of loose cuffs and chains. Although the whole thing must have been some kind of antique, it looked fresh and well polished.

Jenny shivered and moved quickly across to the other structure.

Here the roof sheltered a tall glass-sided cabinet, about the size of a telephone box, with its panels joined together by ornate silver metal hinges and brackets.  On the silver tiled floor of the cabinet sat a broad-brimmed black hat with a tall pointed tip, with a bright blue band around it.

Despite her urgent need to find either shelter or clothes, Jenny stared at it.  Why put such a hat inside a big glass box?  Automatically, she pulled on the handle of its door, but it did not open.  Then she saw that it was latched on the inside.  It could only be opened from the inside.  But there was nobody inside…

‘What’s she doing out there?’  ‘Has somebody lost a femkin?’   ‘That’s not one of ours…’ a chorus of puzzled voices called out.

Jenny spun around guiltily, at the same time burning in shame and embarrassment.  Men were emerging from the houses about the green, all calling out and pointing out her.  Very strange looking men…

They all wore long coats tied with sash belts and round hats with pointed tips and polished boots with rolls of blue at their tops.  What looked like short riding crops hung from their belts.  All seemed to have beards and moustaches and all were very short.  They were not exactly dwarfs, but none stood higher than her shoulders.

They came at her from all sides.  There was no escape.  All she could do was to shrink back against the glass cabinet, which was chill against her bare buttocks, and cover her breasts and pubes with her hands. 

‘Please help me… I’m l… lost…’ she stammered while her cheeks burned in acute embarrassment.  ‘Have you got any clothes I could borrow?’

They stared at her in surprise and, as far as she could read their expressions behind their luxuriant facial hair, some anger.  But it did not seem to be in response to her nudity…

‘She… she begs for clothes!’ one little man exclaimed, not answering her but talking to his fellows.  

‘No, collar,’ said a second. 

‘No owners mark,’ a third pointed out.

‘Is she a runaway?’ a fourth wondered.

Jenny was as confused by their reactions as they seemed to be with her presence.  She tried again.  ‘I… I don’t mean any harm.  I’m lost.  I was caught up in some kind of whirlwind…’ Even as she spoke the words, she realized it sounded totally unbelievable.  ‘I don’t know where I am…’ she finished lamely.

Understanding seemed to dawn on the little men.  ‘Ah… she’s a fallen one… a spillage… an overshoot … an unbroken femkin…’ they exclaimed to each other.

They were still not speaking to her!  Jenny felt a flash of anger overcoming her embarrassment.  ‘Will you listen to me?’ she shouted.

Still ignoring her words, they looked at her thoughtfully.

‘He’ll want her back.’ the first pointed out.  ‘He’ll be angry if we don’t return her…’

‘But not if he doesn’t know where she’s fallen…’ said the second.

‘You mean we can take for ourselves and put her up for auction?’ the third speculated. 

‘But, first we must teach her manners…’ said the fourth.

‘Agreed!’ they all said in chorus.

And with that, they unhitched the crops from their belts and pushed forward shoulder to shoulder and without any hesitation began to beat Jenny.

As the leather thongs swished and cracked against her bare skin, she squealed and sobbed.  She slithered down the side of the glass cabinet and hunched up in a ball on the ground under the rain of stinging blows, too shocked by pain and confusion to think.  While her head was down, two of the men took hold of fistfuls of her hair and began to drag her across the wet grass, making her yelp afresh.  As she reached up to try to make them let go, others beat down her hands, so that she was compelled to shuffle along after them on her hands and knees, driven forward by those following on after her slashing their crops across her bare buttocks. 

They reached the pillory and the little men dragged her up on to her feet.  The men holding her hair kept hold while two more took hold of her nipples and yanked on her breasts, making her squeal again.  Overwhelming her feeble struggles, the crowd of little men bent her over at the hips and pushed and pulled her head and hands through the jaws of the pillory.  The top half of the board was slid down and latched in place, pinching tight about her neck and wrists and holding her bent over.  Now she was trapped facing the glass cabinet across the grass a few metres away.

The men behind her pulled her legs apart and snapped cuffs about her ankles, securing them to short chains that were bolted to the plinth.  An upright wooden strut with a short bar across it top end, which had been standing against the inside of the post supporting the pillory boards, was hinged down and back so that its crossbar end pushed into the small of her stomach and against the tops of her hips.  A strap dangling from the ends of this crossbar was pulled over the small of her back and buckled tight, preventing her hips from wriggling while keeping her bottom thrust out backwards.

A pair of chains wound on heavy reels that were fitted to the front posts of the pillory roof, were drawn out inwards towards Jenny.  They were pulled under her body and wrapped painfully tightly about the roots of her dangling breasts and then hooked back onto themselves.  Tension on the chain reels pulled them taut, making Jenny gasp as it felt as if they were trying to rip the breasts of her chest.  A large rubber ball, pierced through by a leather strap, was pulled up across the front of the pillory board and pushed into her mouth, stifling her feeble moans of pain and protest.

Now she was totally helpless, the men pinched and prodded her at their leisure, ignoring her feeble gag-muffled whimpers of protest and her bulging, pleading, horrified eyes.  Their strong small hands ran over every part of her, squeezing her bound breasts and stroking her thighs and parting her buttocks to investigate the pucker of her anus and reaching between her trembling spread thighs to rub the cleft of her pussy and push their fingers into its moist hot depths.  But what was even worse, they did it all without the slightest show of hesitation or embarrassment, as if they were handling an animal and not a fellow human being.

‘Good heavy breasts… strong thighs… fine buttocks… a deep juicy quim…’ they observed as they chatted to each other.

‘But she must be broken first before she can be properly enjoyed…’ one with a slightly longer beard than the rest summed up. 

They gathered in front of Jenny and slapped her cheeks until she focused upon them.  Then they opened the fronts of their coats and pulled apart the flies of their trousers and freed straining erections which looked huge compared to their small bodies.  Jenny goggled at them in horror.

‘You are clearly a wild untrained female who does not know how to behave like a femkin should,’ the one with the longest beard told her. ‘So we are going to teach you.  First, we’ll beat you until you beg every one of us to plumb your cunnywell.  Do you beg for the cocks or the pain?’

Feeling sick and hardly able to believe what was happening to her, Jenny shook her head in denial and rejection and squirmed against her bonds, making the pillory post creak slightly.

‘As you wish, girl…’ the spokesman said.

A couple of the men unfolded one of the devices hung on a side post and swung its end out across Jenny’s backside.  Suspended on springs on the end of the arm was a glass or clear plastic panel about the size of a computer keyboard.  A large transparent ribbed dildo protruded out horizontally from middle of one side.  On either side of the dildo base were two round clusters of short transparent spikes.

The arm was positioned and then the glass dildo was driven into her anus, its hard ribs rippling past her sphincter.  Jenny sobbed as her rectal passage was stretched painfully and alarmingly wide and then plugged to its limits. Then she yelped as the clusters of spikes on the face of the plate jabbed into her buttocks.

The crowd of little men laughed as they watched her anal mouth gape wide and her bottom pricked through the clear material of the plate.

Two of the little men were now holding long bamboo rods with large round padded heads.  They positioned themselves on either side of her splayed legs and laid the padded rods tips against the plain outer face of the plate.

Jenny wailed and shook her head frantically, but it was too late.

This swung the beaters and smacked them into the plate, ramming the dildo painfully deep inside her even as the spikes jabbed into the soft flesh of her buttocks, indenting and breaking the skin.  Blobs and trickles of bright red appeared, clearly visible through the plate.  Jenny jerked forward against the pillory board, jerking on her bound breasts which were pinched and squeezed as the chain nooses were drawn tight about them against the resistance of their sprung reels. 

The two beaters swung their mallets again and again, driving the spiked panel into her buttocks and its dildo deep into her rectum: sodomizing, humiliating and punishing her at the same time.  Jenny shrieked and bit on her gag as tears ran down her cheeks.  Pain and twisted excitement at being filled so completely mingled in her dazed mind.

No, no, she couldn’t take anymore!  She was sobbing and nodding at the long- bearded man who had remained standing in front of her studying her reactions.  He pulled the gag out of her and she screamed aloud.  ‘Yes, yes… screw me… fuck me… I… I want you all to have me!’

The man raised a hand and the beaters stopped their sadistic work.  The terrible plate was pulled out of her rear passage, coming out of her tight clinging anus with an audible pop, and its supporting arm was hinged back.  A bucket of water from the pond was thrown over Jenny’s ravaged buttocks, washing them clean.  Then the wooden box was positioned between her spread legs.

The little men took turns to stand on it so they were high enough to take hold of her hips and ram their cocks up into her sore pussy.  Cock after cock spent itself inside her and she shuddered and she felt waves of confused pain and pleasure coursing through her, while a messy puddle of her juices and their spent sperm gathered between her spread legs.  Jenny swayed in her bonds, dribbling over her gag, praying that she might faint.

Instead, through tear-filled eyes, Jenny watched other small blue-clad men moving along the roads that bordered the green.  She saw no cars but some of the men were riding in little carriages… pulled by naked harnessed full-sized women like her!  Another naked woman was being led along on a collar and leash bent almost double under a great bundle of sticks she was carrying on her back.  A small blue-clad woman in long skirts went by leading a full-size naked woman on the hands and knees who had a wicker basket strapped her back that seemed to be full of laundry.  All these passers-by glanced at Jenny being gang-banged in the pillory in plain sight as if it was of mild interest but nothing out of the ordinary.

Oh God, what kind of nightmare place was this, Jenny thought?  Or had she gone mad?

Then something moved in the glass cabinet.  It was filling with dense swirling blue smoke.  The hat that had been resting on the cabinet floor was now rising into the air and the smoke was condensing underneath it into a solid form…

One of the little men cried out in alarm. ‘The Witch is coming!’