Extract from: “Nightmare in Chrome”


Sandra considered the big double bed doubtfully.  Its head and footboards were panels of heavy chrome tubing twisted into unusual interlocking spiral patterns and it had practical deep storage drawers in its base.  However, it also had a pair of adjustable chrome-silvered mirrors that were fitted like wings on either side of its headboard that could be both turned and tilted.  She was not quite sure about them.  Were they meant to be for getting the best light to read, to help you put on make-up in bed, or auto-voyeuristic accessories for sex games?  It was certainly unusual.

According to the sign, it was a “Korrector Chrome: Offering you a unique sleeping experience that will change your life.”  That was quite boast to live up to, Sandra thought, but was it what she was after? 

What actually was she after?  The answer came easily: right now, what she craved most was anonymity.

She looked about her nervously once again, but there was no sign of Spangler.  If she had shaken off him, her most indefatigable and reviled pursuer, then she’d given the rest of the pack the slip as well.  Using an old car and shabby clothes, changing her make-up, putting on tinted glasses and restyling her hair seemed to have done the trick.  Nobody had recognised her in the store either.  She could relax and spend some time shopping just like anybody else, even looking at strangely designed beds.

She was in Benson and Klein’s: a warehouse sized store in a retail park on the outskirts of Fulborough.  Within it were broad aisles between which rose stands and islands of house and garden furniture, artful displays of bathroom and kitchen units, sparkling and twinkling groves of lights, and of course beds.  She hadn’t planned to come here.  After slipping out of her house by the back way, she had driven more or less random for half an hour trying to shake off any pursuit.  She had turned into B and K’s nice big welcoming car park more or less at random.  She saw it had a coffee shop franchise and decided that she could easily spend an idle hour wandering around in there until she was sure she’d given the pack the slip, and then go on stay with to one of her friends.

Then she had seen the display of beds and realized that since breaking up so disastrously (and publically) with Darren, her old bed held too many bad memories.  Darren was of course only the most recent of a string of failed relationships.   Perhaps she was not the easiest person to live with, she admitted to herself.  Then she contrived a wry grin. Or perhaps her bed was unlucky?  Yes, that was it.  Change her bed and her love life would change for the better.  Symbolically she needed a fresh start.  Well she could at least try out the shining creation in front of her…

Cautiously, Sandra sat down on the Korrector, and its refined spring system yielded seductively under.  Yes, it did feel comfortable.  She lay full-length and the bed moulded itself sensuously to her contours.  Actually, it was very comfortable; certainly better than her old one.   As she wriggled across its deep warm mattress, she thought the only shame was that she would be enjoying it alone. 

Then she saw herself reflected in the bed’s wing mirrors.  Were they simply there to make you feel you weren’t sleeping alone, she wondered?  Curiously she adjusted them until her reflection was also reflected, forming an increasingly misty arc of images of herself seeming to curve away into infinity behind the bed.  She lay back down again between them, contemplating the strange illusion of being suspended between multiple worlds.  Was that comforting or creepy?  Nicer if you did have company, then you could see their face whichever way round they were lying. 

She yawned.  Would she ever find the right person to share her life with?  Someone to share this big… deep… warm… bed…


Sandra jerked awake with a start as the spinning rubber flail wheel paddles, mounted on adjustable arms extending from the head posts of the bed, beat her breasts, making them shiver and wobble like dancing jellies while her nipples stood up hard.

She blinked and shook her head dizzily. How could her mind have been wandering like that when she was working on a display in the middle of a demo?

She was chained spread-eagled and naked to the corner posts of the bed, with its mirrors reflecting her image back at her.  But then that was perfectly normal and the reflections were good ones…

Sandra had dark-blonde straight collar length hair, a delicate, all-over golden tan and a slim build.  Her mouth was plugged by an expanding tongue clamp and gag ball, while a deep shiny collar was locked about her neck.  On it was stamped: Demonstration Model 17: Property of Benson and Klein’s.  Her pale blue eyes were set under level brows with a dusting of freckles over her nose.  Her neat breasts had dimpled nipple tips; she had a trim waist, slim hips and a tight neat bare pubes – currently occupied by a mobile female tongue… 

Kitty was kneeling head down and bottom up between Sandra’s wide spread legs with her face buried in Sandra’s hot wet groin.  A powered dildo rod connected to the foot of the bed was lodged deep inside her vagina pumping and churning relentlessly away.  Another flail wheel mounted on the dildo rod shaft was beating her buttocks.  Her hands, cuffed behind her back were writhing and bunching in helpless delight, while about her neck was locked a similar collar to Sandra’s and bearing the same inscription, except that her model number was 12. 

At the sight of her Sandra felt her heart lift and her stomach clench in desire.

Kitty had a fuller, more fleshy build than she did, with pink skin and shoulder-length wavy brown hair framing a frank, friendly face with a delightful tip-tilted nose and large brown eyes.  Her full breasts, crowned by large swollen nipples, bobbed and swayed beneath her.  She had a deep navel, curvy hips and pale soft fleshy buttocks.  Like Sandra and all of Benson and Klein’s demo models, her plump deep cleft was clean shaven.

Sandra’s strange moment of confusion passed as the stinging, throbbing, burning of her breasts and the hot liquid desired filling her loins claimed her once again.  At moments like this one, there was just her and Kitty.  She hardly noticed the assistant continuing his sales pitch to the customer…

‘This is the king sized version, of course, capable of restraining and stimulating two women at once,’ he explained. ‘Imagine your wife lying on it as number 17 is now, with her maid pleasuring her.’  He held up a remote handset.  ‘The speed and intensity both of the breast and posterior paddles and the vibrator are fully adjustable of course…’

The man, who was wearing a claret coloured blazer with gold buttons and a matching old-school tie, looked thoughtfully at the woman at his side.

She was small, blonde and pretty and dressed in a clinging red rubber miniskirt dress with red high heels that were linked at the ankles by a gold hobble chain.  She was watching Sandra and Kitty coupling with a kind of horrified fascination.  Her erect nipples were showing through the thin pliant fabric of her dress.

‘Or, of course, she could be pleasuring your maid as number 12 is,’ the assistant continued smoothly, ‘with her bottom nicely presented for your own use or a corrective spanking…’

The man rubbed his wife’s slick, red, rubber-covered buttocks thoughtfully.

‘I’ll take one,’ he said.

‘You will not regret it, Sir,’ the assistant promised.

Unnoticed on the bed, Sandra gave a groan of pleasure and sprayed her orgasmic juices all over Kitty’s flushed face...