Chapter 1: Capturing the Bitch


Suzi Davis stormed from her husband Mark’s office livid with anger. As she strutted her statuesque six-foot frame down the hall towards the elevator she was planning how she would punish him this time. The bastard cut off her credit, AGAIN! Every few months, once her spending got truly ridiculous, he would cut her off. She would then cut him off, sexually, until he relented. This time she would tease him incessantly, she thought, as she waited for the elevator.

Mark Davis sat in his chair a few moments after his petulant ex-model wife had berated him and then bolted from his office. At forty-two years old, and a self-made millionaire, he had had enough of his ungrateful wife. At twenty-seven, she was washed up in modeling, and too stuck up to take sub-standard endorsement deals. Since her last big contract ended three years ago she had made his life hell. First, she pissed her modeling fortune away, and now she was trying to do the same to his.

He steeled himself then picked up his phone. He struck the speed dial, waiting a few seconds, he said, “It’s a go, she’s on the way.”

Suzi was tapping her left foot as she waited for the elevator, her irritation clearly visible. She was determined to make him suffer for this embarrassment; she hated being declined when making a purchase it was so damn demeaning. The doors opened and she stepped inside the car, she hit the lobby button, and then waited as the lift descended.

As she stood there she admired her hot body in the mirrored wall. She imagined herself prancing near naked around the house, showing Mark what he could not have. Her breasts were 38 inches with a full D cup, all natural, without a hint of sagging. Her tight abdomen, only 23 inches at the waist was a product of hours weekly spent working out. The same could be said of her long legs and tight ass; she was stunning in her tight red mini dress and matching pumps.

Her face was angelic, behind the blind anger showing on it now. Ice blue eyes, high cheekbones and plush lips, framed by her mid back length platinum blonde hair. She was hot, and she knew it, wielding it like a club against her milquetoast husband. He was going to pay!

She was so immersed in her anger she did not notice the elevator pass the lobby and go all the way down to Mark’s private garage level. The doors pulled open and she was in the garage before she noticed it wasn’t the lobby. A van was backed up in front of where she exited the lift, about six feet from the door. She stopped, puzzled.

Two men abruptly grabbed her arms from both sides at once and the rear doors of the van swung open. Before she could react she was thrown into the waiting arms of two more men within the van. The first two jumped in behind her and the four pinned her to the floor.

They shut the doors and the driver took off, while the men in the back subdued the struggling girl. Before she could scream, a leather wedge was forced between her teeth and strapped tightly behind her neck. One man sat on her ass as she was held face down on the floor of the van. He held her still as the other three bound her ankles and wrists.

One of the men had held her ankles together and was using duct tape to weld them to each other. The two other men, on either side of her were pulling her flailing arms behind her back and used handcuffs to link them together. Once subdued, a blindfold was placed over her eyes and her wrists were tied to her ankles, leaving her helplessly hogtied. They rolled her painfully onto her back, trapping her arms and legs below her arched body.

She wailed into her gag and struggled futilely as the men groped her luscious body through the thin material of her dress. They mauled her tits and used their fingers to shove her red thong panty up into her cunt. Suzi was terrified, her anger now a memory replaced with pure fear.

After she was thoroughly terrorized, they stopped. She heard them sit back against the van walls, and she felt their feet hold her in the middle of the floor her limbs trapped below her bound body. She tried to roll over but their feet were too strong for her to manage to get over.

“Lie still bitch!” One of the men barked. He continued once she stilled her struggles, “Mark sends a message, this time you will learn the hard way.”

She started to buck again, when she heard it was her husband who set this atrocity up, her anger flaring. In response the four men used their legs to give the helpless girl a few good kicks in her ribs. The sharp pains in her sides caused her second rebellion to end quickly; she just lay there sobbing into her gag and blindfold.

The van left her husband’s office building and was soon speeding from the city. Suzi was a mass of aches and pains an hour later when the van left the expressway. It traveled another half hour before pulling onto a private road. A few hundred yards into the wooded property it reached a large wrought iron gate and stopped.

The driver opened his window and pressed the call button on the post in front of the gate. He waited for an answer.

“Yes,” came out of the speaker.

“Delivery from Mark,” the driver said.

The gate swung inward and the driver put the van in gear and drove through. A few minutes later it pulled up under the overhang in front of the mansion hidden in the woods. A man came out of the front door and greeted the driver as they walked to the back of the van.

Inside, Suzi was finally rolled back onto her belly. Her taped ankles were cut free from her wrists and then from each other. They left the handcuffs, gag, and blindfold on her. The doors opened and they dragged her out.

Her legs were unsteady and she had lost a shoe in the van. Two of the men dragged her forward and she stumbled up the steps leading to the door of the mansion. She tried to struggle, but their grip and her bound wrists kept her in check.

Once inside the door, they stopped. The man who had greeted them now had the other two lift her up and place her over his shoulder, like a sack of potatoes. She tried kicking him, but a quick slap on her upturned ass stilled her struggles.

As he held Suzi over his shoulder, he said, “Thanks guys, I’ll take it from here.”

They left, and he carried her behind the large center hall stairs, to the basement door. Every time she tried to struggle, he would knock her body into the wall next to the steps. After a few jolts she remained still.

Once in the basement he carried her across to the hidden door leading to his private dungeon. Pulling a hidden lever next to a bookcase he watched as it slid to the side. He took his new possession through this portal and through the dungeon to the row of cells. Three of the four were occupied, the captives hidden behind solid steel doors. The fourth was open and waiting for its new occupant.

He entered the small room and lowered Suzi to her feet, then spun her to face the back wall. He unlocked her cuffs and pushed her into the wall. He exited and slammed the door before she realized what was happening.

She removed her blindfold and surveyed her prison while unbuckling the gag. It was a room barely four feet square. The floor sloped down to a drain in the center and a bright spotlight glared down on her, several feet above her, well out of reach. She turned and saw a sign on the steel door behind her.

It read, “I will know you are ready to behave when I find your clothes and jewelry below the slot outside this door.”

She looked down to see what looked like a wide mail slot, about six inches up from the floor. She knelt and tried to look through it, but could see nothing on the other side.

She stood up and kicked off her remaining pump, then started pounding on the door, screaming, “Fuck you! You are crazy if you think I’m going to strip and give you my clothes!”

Before she could continue her rant, high-pressure jets of ice-cold water from above bombarded her. Four nozzles, each in one corner at the top of the cell, deluged her with gallons of water per minute. It knocked her down and she knelt in the center of the cell huddled into a ball to protect her self from the stinging cold torrents blasting her. After a few minutes it stopped and she shivered as she felt the accumulated water drain beneath her.

When she looked up she realized the light had gone out and she was immersed in a stygian blackness. She rolled on her side and whimpered as she shivered in misery. Afraid to say anything she remained quiet, though she was still determined not to comply with the instructions on the door. Fuck them, she thought, when I get out of here they will all pay.